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Remy Gardner, a crocodile in the name of the father




There is only one person happier than Remy Gardner after getting his Moto2 title: his father: Wayne. The one from Wollongong will be able to say for the rest of his life that he got away with it, that he achieved the second dream of his life: first it was world camp of 500cc And now his oldest son also achieves a winding, that of the middle class. Because Remy owes his entire career to his father. He was born in Sydney and since childhood his father insisted that he ride a motorcycle. He liked her and was good at it. So Wayne made a drastic decision: he sold everything and emigrated to Spain. He saw that in his country the boys could not compete so young and there was less level. He moved to Sitges, close to his friend Randy Mamola -whose son Dakota is close to Remy- and with the challenge of introducing his offspring to the FIM CEV Repsol.

Next to his brother Luca, who also went on two wheels, they even rode with Jorge Lorenzo, they gave Spanish classes -He already speaks it without an accent and with all kinds of colloquial expressions- and They even went to the tennis school of Emilio Snchez Vicario in Barcelona.

Thus, Remy, at 13, was already filming in Spanish competitions, such as the Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship. Until I was second behind Mara Herrera. Wayne considered it the biggest investment of his life and he kept his money so he could race with different teams. Wore, and bears the number ’87’ because it was the year that Wayne won his crown. But, due to its size, in Moto3 it never stood out. I jumped into Moto2 and it only gave quality sparkles. The parental pressure was enormous. Even with unpleasant episodes, like when they were both imprisoned in Japan after a traffic argument. The hard character of the fatherFor something they called him ‘The crocodile’ when he was a pilot, it was also noticeable in the family, which was divided: Remy and his father on the one hand and Luca, who left the motorcycles, on the other with his mother, Toni.

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The KTM Ajo man had to cut his losses: his father stopped accompanying him in the races. Freed, Gardner began to stand out with the Stop and Go. He only had one drawback: his excessive aggressiveness. It was difficult for him to compose himself and accept that he could not always win or keep up with others. With Garlic I achieved peace and consistency. Ral Fernandez’s demand also forced him to give his best. KTM did not hesitate with him and he proposed the jump to MotoGP as soon as the World Championship began.

Now, Remy has touched the glory. Or has Wayne done it? The fact is that they are the second pair of parents and children champions of the world after Kenny Roberts y Kenny Roberts Junior.

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