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Pokémon GO fans are unhappy with the reward for misunderstood shenanigans

Some Pokémon GO players express disappointment with the Mischief Misundersknown investigative mission series, finding the payoff disappointing.

Research tasks in Pokemon GO They tend to be quite long, and Mischief misunderstood is no exception. After a massive sixteen-part quest line, Mischief’s final bounty is nothing more than a simple Dusknoir, and Pokemon GO players are taking to social media to express their disappointment.

The misunderstood mischief special investigation began on September 1 and ends on December 1. It serves as Hoopa’s official introduction to Pokemon GO, which covers the entirety of his Season of Mischief. After such a long journey, fans are understandably frustrated with the Dusknoirs they’ve received after such a difficult quest line.

Misunderstood pranks require a lot of capture, which is typical of any in-game investigation. However, what makes misunderstanding Mischief particularly difficult is the number of Pokémon it asks players to catch, as well as the specific type of those Pokémon. For example, to complete the eleventh research task, players must catch thirty Ghost-type Pokémon and thirty Dark-type Pokémon, both of which are rare finds in Pokemon GO. Gamers are flocking to a recent Reddit post to express their dismay after investing a considerable amount of time and resources on special research.

To make matters worse, the Pokémon Duskull, which evolves into Dusknoir, had a Community Day on October 9, which means that players had an ample opportunity to obtain a Dusknoir last month. Also, Duskulls captured on their Community Day were more likely to be brilliant and learned a powerful Legacy Move if they evolved that day. Therefore, the Dusknoir obtained at the end of Mischief misunderstood is almost useless for players, who probably have much superior versions of the Pokémon in storage.

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Niantic has received negative reactions from fans before, and this new influx of criticism is certainly not helping. Pokemon Fans are known to express strong (and often negative) opinions about the franchise, and Pokemon GO it is not exempt from such treatment. For a game that requires players to spend so much time – and sometimes money – to be successful, the rewards of disappointing missions are especially disappointing.

Still, the situation may not be as bad as the fans make it out to be. The third task in Misundersknown Mischief grants an encounter with Hoopa, which players haven’t had a chance to catch before. As of November 9, Giovanni, who must be defeated to complete the special investigation, has added a Shadow Lugia to his team, which is also available to be captured. Finally, completing Misunderstood Shenanigans before the end of the month will supposedly unlock another research task, and the reward for this task is rumored to be Hoopa Unbound, a much more powerful form of Hoopa. Hopefully these rewards will soften the blow for fans of Pokemon GOand make useful additions to your equipment.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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