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Old bug skin? Fortnite fans do not know who El Chapulín Colorado is | LevelUp

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A few weeks ago something unprecedented happened in Fortnite, as Epic Games brought El Chapulín Colorado, the iconic character of Chespirito, to the Battle Royale, which was very well received, especially by players from Latin America, a region in which he is much loved. However, the move was a bit strange for fans in other countries. In fact, because they do not know who he is, there are fans who refer to him with such a peculiar name that there is a TikTok that went viral over the weekend.

Fortnite It is the paradise of cross-over and one of the additions that has given the most talk in recent weeks is that of El Chapulín Colorado. Although thanks to his arrival at the Battle Royale his diffusion has been expanded, there are some who refer to his outfit as the old man bug skin.

This was revealed by the TikTok video of the user what_you_see_is_cap. In the short clip, the user basically shows his disappointment when he sees that there are people who refer to the El Chapulín Colorado outfit as the skin of the old bug, but with a comic composition. At the time of writing, the TikTok video has more than 500,000 positive reactions and more than 14,000 comments.

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Why do fans refer to El Chapulín Colorado as the old bug?

Before criticizing Fortnite fans for not knowing who El Chapulín Colorado is, we invite you to take into account several details. El Chapulín Colorado (and by extension El Chavo del 8 and more works by Chespirito), is widely recognized in Spanish-speaking countries; most players of Fortnite He is from Anglo-Saxon countries, apart from the fact that they are young.

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In addition, another very important detail is that the names of El Chapulín Colorado and for Fortnite they were preserved at least in the English version, so players see the ‘Chillón Chipote’ and it is difficult for them to imagine what it is, much less if they have not been exposed to the series. And what about the gesture ¡Que no panda el cúnico !. If they look for it in the translator, nothing will appear, because it is the phrase Do not panic !, modified in the style of El Chapulín Colorado and give it a touch of grace.

In case you missed it: .

El Chapulín Colorado object names were not translated (Image via GameSpot)

However, then, it is normal for players from other countries to take the most characteristic skin elements to refer to it, the character’s face and the name ‘chapulín’, which in general relate it to ‘bug’. In addition, the intention of the young woman who refers to the outfit of El Chapulín Colorado as ‘skin of the old bug’ is good, because she did it precisely to explain who the character is.

It is actually an unusual character in Fortnite, which chooses to include more recognized characters worldwide, but without a doubt it was a great gesture by Epic Games, since the importance of the franchise is very great in Latin America.

What do you think of this interesting case in Fortnite? Tell us in the comments.

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