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Luis Enrique: “To be honest I have taken a great weight off my shoulders”

Luis Enrique he was a happy man at the end of the meeting and He could not hide his joy at Spain’s qualification for the World Cup in Qatar. La Roja suffered against Sweden, but achieved the goal.

The classification

“Today has been a very beautiful day. We have suffered a lot, but the players have had faith and have taken their fair prize. It is an excellent group. Not only the 25 who are here but all those who have been coming. We are already in the World Cup. To be honest I have taken a big weight off my shoulders. “

I have felt much more pressure in these last games than in the European or the Nations League

Luis Enrique

La presin

“I have felt much more pressure in these last matches than in the European or in the Nations League. When you have to achieve something that seems easy or you have to do it by history, you load yourself with pressure. We have worked on the psychological aspect and we have transmitted to the players the necessary confidence. We have generated enough to win the game. “


“Morata is always predisposed to help. He is a very versatile player. We have considered that Ral de Toms with the ignorance of the rival and his enthusiasm for the debut could help us today. He has done well and has worked in defense. There is not a player that represents more than Morata overcoming adversity and criticism. “

We have dedicated a lap of honor to it because for us it is like a title

Luis Enrique

The hobby

“The public has been spectacular, because they have seen that the rival was approaching. We have dedicated a lap of honor to it because for us it is like a title. I have told the players that today we closed a cycle. What we started before the European in adverse circumstances and without the support that we felt today when we left the hotel, in the countryside … It has been spectacular. Seville is always a very special place. Today has been unique, the people cheering … It would have been very ugly if we would have conceded a goal and it would have been spoiled. “

As soon as we lose a match, the ‘Canbal Holocaust’ will come back, but we are used to it

Luis Enrique

What’s coming

“As soon as we lose a match, the ‘Canbal Holocaust’ will return, but we are used to pressure and we love that the Media generate good vibes because it benefits the team and everyone. things. The future is hopeful. I am very lucky because I have 50 players. I feel sorry for them because it will be very difficult to select. We have a wonderful mix of exemplary veterans, Busquets, Jordi, Koke, Csar, who are leaders because of what they do on the field and what they represent outside, and wonderful young people. Today Gavi has played a unique game for a 17-year-old who was born to play football. “

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What are you most proud of

“I am very proud of my players, of those who are here and of those who have come. They have turned the situation around and I am proud of the joy they have given to their families, to the fans …”

The future

“The contract is not important. The commitment that the Federation and I have is evident. If we do a World Cup how we have to do it, well, I will see. I am not concerned with that now, I am concerned with enjoying this moment and I like how the players they have overcome the difficult moments. We have closed a cycle, if we take the debut of the Euro against Sweden and this match. See the stadium full from the warm-up, all the support … It was very nice. In the end we had the right prize that the players deserve. ”

Is this team valued?

“I try not to come here to complain, because I am privileged. I would swear that I have never complained about a lack of support. It is evident that at times we have not had support, but I have not complained. I perceive that the selection is exciting, but this depends From the results”.

What does he mean by the cannibal holocaust

“Because this marvelous circus is like that. I accept it. When there’s salsa I dance salsa and when it’s time to dance pegadito, well pegadito. My wife is waiting for me.”

They have acclaimed Luis Enrique

“It is a reason for joy, because it means that what we do like people. They see that some decisions that seem controversial are aimed at forming a team. We are going to enjoy it. You have to remember all the players who have come somewhere. moment. Although it seems typical, it is not. “

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Your personal bets, like Gavi or Dani Olmo

“I don’t care who scores or is the protagonist. If I decide to bring Gavi it ​​is because I think I know him and because he can do things well. And he has played a spectacular match in front of 50,000 spectators. He has missed a single match.”

The three windows before the World Cup

“If something has characterized this selection, it is that there are no friendly games. Here they come to do good football and do what they are asked on the field. The idea is always the same regardless of the rival. We win and attack and lose and we are still the same”.

What have you felt in the qualifying lap?

“I have taken off a 100 kilos backpack”

A base for the World Cup

“What I notice is that so far we have had six or seven casualties and instead of complaining, we have given opportunities to many … The day they all get well, it still gives me a heart attack for having to choose.”

Note to La Cartuja

“There can only be a 10. They have encouraged, they have had a good time, they have helped us when we have suffered …”.


“I have removed him from the starter even though he is not in great shape and I was thinking of taking him off at 60 minutes, but he was strong and I left him. He is very strong and has great quality for us.”

Keep the style

“It’s difficult, because sometimes the temptation can be to withdraw, hit long balls … But if we do this, Spain does not stand out. Behind all this there is a clear football thought. If we want to do something in the World Cup it is playing like this. to sow and sow. And the goalkeeper plays as he plays, although the fans sometimes suffer … “.

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The celebrations

“To see the health of a team you have to look at the celebration of the substitutes, the bench, the players who are in the stands … And our health is pletric”

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