Friday, November 25

“If there are chances to get there … of course we want LaLiga”




En the last day of the Marca Sports Weekend, one of the most important soccer clubs in the country had its space with a conference in which it has been discussed where the Seville brand. One of the guests has been President José Castro, who has been questioned about the options of the set of Lopetegui in LaLiga. Following the speech about the null obligation of Sevilla to lift this title by the giants in terms of budget that will be in the fight, the president cannot let a small smile escape seeing how the championship has started and what the outcome may be. “The budgets do not say that we can dream of LaLiga. We want to be close. This year there are some of the greats that are failing and there is a different competition. The Real Madrid is not the one of the last years and the Barcelona is in a year of transition. Our line is to return to the Champions League, “he argued. “If there are possibilities of arriving … of course we want LaLiga”, responded to the insistence on the question. “We are going to go for everything we can, until we are able,” he added. Sevilla do not impose themselves fighting for the title, but they dream of being there in case a historic opportunity presents itself.

And without the two or three greats of the tournament going down, it will always be more difficult for Sevilla. “The alternation I hope and wish is to stay. When television revenues are distributed in another way, although the two big ones are still ahead, now it is about management. Whoever manages better will have more sporting successes. The Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo they no longer exist. And those that come to us, Haaland o MbappéThey are extraordinary, but not like those. And if we are successful in sports, we will be at the top. It would be extraordinary if the alternation is like this for many years, as in England where six teams can win the Premier“He explained.” We have been almost three years without selling anything. We had an offer of 50 million euros for Koundé. Tell me which club doesn’t sell for that value. Now we are more economically powerful. Our model is not going to change. Obviously we do it well. The results do not deceive anyone “, reflected the president to put on the table the ambitious message of Seville.

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Castro has been managing Sevilla for 26 years from the Board of Directors. He knows where the club comes from and what is the route so that this hypothetical fight for the league title is not a flower of a day. The main way is to demand from the first to the last of your employees, starting with the footballers themselves. “I am clear that when I sign a player I grab him by the arm and tell him that this is for everyone. We are going to love you a lot and we are going to demand a lot more of you. Tell the player where it is. And we have a maximum ambition. We will go where we can go. Maximum ambition from the moment the player arrives. You have to break your soul because we all break it “, He said. And he told an anecdote with one of those players who he squeezes from day one: “A Krychowiak I squeezed his arm, a big strong player, and he said ‘president is hurting me’. I do the same with the marketing director. With everyone”.

The Sánchez-Pizjuán

The idea of ​​the Andalusian club is to continue making its home more profitable every day, that stadium with more than 60 years, which has been renovated, but structurally it has already fulfilled an era. To do? Pepe Castro and his Council have not decided yet. “The Bernabéu is something different. We have a stadium that we are adapting to create new income. A lot has been invested in the stadium. He is over 60 years old. We will adapt to the moments. We are going to do a study to see what we are interested in doing. If to improve it, to make a third ring or something bigger “, he pointed. Is there a possibility of building a new Sánchez-Pizjuán: “Growing like Sevilla, the possibility of a new stadium is real “.

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