Friday, November 25

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! will be a reality in December • Console and Dashboard

Complying with the expected deadlines, Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! It will arrive on December 7 to the App Store and Google Play. SEGA of America, Colorful Palette and Crypton Future Media make it possible to launch on iOS and Android.


This proposal will be released under the free to play format, so it will be a free download game, with in-app purchases. With rhythm as the main element, we will meet a wide cast of characters, intertwined with stories and, of course, with music. Each one will have their own style.

After a beta that had the participation of more than 60,000 players, it is now when the launch is prepared. Among the 20 characters, there will be no shortage of members of the rock band, the young woman who dreams of becoming a star or the shy girl who is introduced to street music.

We will enjoy a wide variety of songs, as those responsible remember, and animated three-dimensional music videos. We can participate in virtual performances live and in online events (with their rewards in the form of exclusive stamps), in addition to connecting with the community. We must bear in mind that it will be released with voices in Japanese and subtitles in English.

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