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Great, Phil Spencer! Xbox 20-year-old control has manager’s signature | LevelUp

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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Xbox (which is already tomorrow!), Microsoft announced a slew of commemorative products and among them was a translucent official controller with a great Xbox design. Well, if you are an Xbox fan and you needed reasons to get it, you will be interested to know this, because it includes a detail that followers of the brand will appreciate.

Although the 20th anniversary of the brand will be celebrated tomorrow, the control will go on sale until November 26. However, some users have already had the opportunity to obtain and test it and have already found a detail that undoubtedly adds sentimental value.

Control 20th anniversary edition – Available in Amazon

This is the Xbox 20th anniversary controller

Phil Spencer is in the hearts of Xbox fans … and the new controller?

One of the people who could already try the new control is the editor specialized in Microsoft Tom Warren and thanks to him we know that the control hides a detail of affection for all Xbox fans from Phil Spencer, head of the brand.

We say this because the editor shared some photographs of the control and something interesting is that it includes Phil Spencer’s signature on the battery compartment cover, in addition to the phrase “when everyone plays, we all win”, with which Microsoft promoted the brand Xbox with its Super Bowl LVIII (2019) ad, which was focused on the accessibility provided by the company through the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

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Image: Tom Warren
Image: Tom Warren

This is a great gesture from Phil Spencer. In the video game industry, it is unusual for a control or official product to include a reference to one of its managers. However, Phil Spencer has managed to win the affection of the fans of the brand thanks to his efforts since he arrived at the position and he has even been well received by fans of other brands to such a degree that many consider him the best boss that the company has ever had. company. For this reason, we do not doubt that many users will appreciate the endearing detail.

Still not put yours aside? Don’t worry, it’s still available on Amazon.

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What do you think of this gesture? Tell us in the comments.

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