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Fans will be able to create and sell their own Genshin Impact merchandise | LevelUp

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A little over a year after its launch, Genshin Impact has already managed to become one of the most lucrative and popular franchises in the industry. Of course, she is also the owner of a very loyal fan base who does not hesitate to express her passion for the game with fanarts and other unofficial creations. Fortunately, it is now possible to commercialize such articles without fear of receiving a copyright claim.

miHoYo, the studio responsible for the popular gacha, recently updated its “Merchandising guide”. The document highlights that users can create their own unofficial merchandise and market it. This is certainly great news, but there are some very important restrictions and guidelines to follow that are worth noting.

Fans can earn money from their own Genshin Impact-inspired creations

To begin with, objects such as key chains, drawings, fanfiction novels, etc. can be produced and sold as long as they do not exceed 500 units for individual marketing and 200 units for group sales. If these amounts are exceeded, users must submit a formal request to miHoYo to seek approval.

Of course, more complex articles such as figures, stuffed animals or toys require that the authors fill out and send an authorization request to miHoYo, regardless of the quantity. Also, all products must not violate the laws of the creator’s country.

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Finally, users must clarify at all times that their merchandise is not official and that it is made by fans. Furthermore, they cannot falsify or modify official miHoYo products and pass them off as their own.

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“The derivative game industry is booming and the environment for creative works is gradually diversifying. The project team Genshin Impact would like to thank all of our creators, and we welcome, support and appreciate all creative content, ”reads the miHoYo statement.

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But tell us, what do you think of this initiative? Let us read you in the comments.

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