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Doug Bowser spoke again about the Joy-Con Drift | LevelUp

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We recently reported on what current Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser thinks about complaints about the performance of the N64’s games on Nintendo Switch Online. Now, it has just been known that he also spoke of the Joy-Con drift, where he ensures that continuous improvements are being made.

The Switch has been a total success since its launch and has made it possible to enjoy a large number of important games. However, it is not perfect and probably its biggest problem has been the drift presented in the Joy-Con.

Doug Bowser is confident with the company’s work

Throughout these years there have been many voices from Nintendo who have spoken about the problem, including Doug Bowser, who speaks again on the subject stating that the company continues to work to make improvements:

“As we have gone through the first 5 1/2 years of Nintendo Switch, we have looked at the gameplay, we have observed that people have returned the units for how they have worn out, and we have been making continuous general improvements to the Joy-Con, including the analog stick, ”said the president of Nintendo of America.

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In addition, he also recalled that the latest version of the Joy-Con is available in the new model of the console:

“This latest version, the Nintendo Switch OLED, has the same updated analog stick that is now available on the original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite,” Bowser concluded to try to calm potential buyers.

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It is worth mentioning that these new comments from the executive come after the Japanese company has received a series of lawsuits about the situation and a large number of criticisms from consumer advocacy groups.

Do you think the drift problem will be solved at some point? Tell us in the comments.

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