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9 TikTok Photography Tricks To Try And 9 Accounts To Follow

While TikTok may be a short-form video app, it has recently become an important resource for amateur and professional photographers. From photo shoot tricks to how-to edit and fun challenges, this platform has a wealth of information that all photography enthusiasts can appreciate.

We’ve rounded up the 9 coolest photography tricks to try on your iPhone as featured on TikTok, and the best photography TikTok accounts you should follow.

The 9 coolest TikTok photography tricks to try with your iPhone

There’s more than viral dances and makeup tutorials on TikTok’s Discovery tool. The accounts dedicated to iPhone photography are showing their best tips and tricks for taking amazing creative photos. Read on to learn more about some of the best tricks featured on TikTok that you can try today.

1. Vertical panorama

The iPhone’s Panorama mode is normally reserved for capturing large city skylines or beautiful mountain landscapes. But this tip shows you how to use Panorama mode vertically to create unique looking shots. Put your camera in Panorama mode and tilt it horizontally. The shot will show a view of the image with the camera apparently tilted towards the sky.

2. Dolly zoom effect

Looking for a cinematic way to take your next portrait? Try using the platform zoom effect, a staple of classic cinematography that can be replicated with this quick and easy iPhone hack. First, open your iPhone’s camera and start with a wide angle. Then press record and zoom in on the subject while slowly backing up. The result is #photomagic.

3. Vertigo

This trick is a simple way to get an artistic-looking shot. Find a short ledge, like a street curb or step, and place your iPhone underneath with the selfie camera on. Set the camera’s self-timer mode and stand right at the curb to make it look like you’re actually stepping on the camera.

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4. Long exposure effect

Shooting subjects while they are in motion or in front of busy backgrounds, such as crowds or traffic, can be difficult. Make the blur work for you by adding the Long Exposure effect after shooting, as demonstrated above.

5. Magic mirror

This is probably one of the more advanced tricks on the list, but even if it takes you a few tries to get it right, it’s worth it! With Panorama mode, take a photo of your subject next to a mirror. Pause the panorama after hovering over the subject, and then have it change poses in the mirror. As you can see, the end result is very good.

6. Portrait photography

Tired of taking simple selfies with your selfie camera? Try switching your iPhone camera to Portrait mode and lowering the Exposure setting. This will give you the depth you need to make your selfies look like professional-quality studio shots.

7. Submarine

You will need to find a few drops of water or a small pool of water to properly replicate this effect. Simply turn your iPhone face down to position your iPhone’s camera at the same height as the surface of the water, resulting in an upside down photo. Then use your phone’s editing tools to rotate the image. It’s a simple trick that results in eye-catching images.

8. Add inches

Do you want to look a little taller in your photos? Easy! Once you’ve got your shot, head over to the editing tools and use the Straighten tool to lengthen the legs. You can also use this trick to lengthen buildings and horizons or give other subjects a tilt effect.

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9. False reflection

No reflection? No problem. For this hack, you’ll need to borrow a friend’s iPhone, which you’ll use as a mirror to reflect your subject and add depth to your image. And, as you can see, this simple trick can create an impressive image.

9 TikTok Photography Gurus to Follow for Tips and Inspiration

Now that you’ve tried some of the best photography tricks featured on TikTok, it’s time to add a steady stream of tips and inspiration to your For You page. Below are some of our favorite photography accounts that you can follow to keep up with the latest trends.

1. @jdthecameraguy

As your username implies, @jdthecameraguy is a content creator that provides tips for taking professional-style photos with your iPhone. In addition to photography tricks, he also records instructional videos and photo shoot tricks.

2. @elonakarafin

Bill @elonakarafin He is known for posting impressive travel photos on Instagram. But it is his TikTok account where he reveals his top photographic secrets. He also gives his followers behind-the-scenes looks from his photoshoots, as well as ideas for cool poses.

3. @bornuncreative

This username is misleading as @nacreative is a TikTok account that many people turn to for creative photo inspiration. Here you will find instructions for taking incredible portraits, flat shots, silhouettes and more.

4. @tedhowells

He describes himself in his TikTok bio as the “CEO OF PHOTOS” @edhowells is a great account to follow for tricks that show you how to use random household items as photography props, like an ordinary glass of water. Also, share lots of awesome tips for beginners.

5. @josie_bullard

Looking for new ideas for self portraits? Later @josie_bullard is the account to follow. His profile is full of ideas for photoshoots that you can try for yourself, as well as editing tricks. She takes some iPhone photography tips, but also shares a lot of good content for using DSLR cameras.

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6. @felipevillegasmunera

This is the perfect account to follow if you are a travel photographer. Not only does @felipevillegasmunera posts iPhone photography tips but also creates tons of TikTok videos with easy editing tricks.

7. @watzac

If you want your iPhone photos to look like pro-level shots, head over to @watzacpage of. This account is packed with easy tips for high-quality photos that you can take and edit right on your iPhone.

8. @realjordanmatter

This account is more entertaining than constructive, since @realjordanmatter He primarily shoots movies that show him asking strangers if they would be willing to take part in a photoshoot. He films their reaction to your request, the impromptu session that follows, and of course the photos themselves. It’s a great account to follow for inspiration and photo ideas.

9. @ alex.stemp

Another aspirational story to follow is @ alex.stemp. He also asks strangers to participate in impromptu photo shoots and posts the big reveal afterward. Follow for amazing photo ideas that you can try for yourself.

While TikTok is a video platform, it has become a great place to learn more about iPhone photography and find new ideas for your next photoshoot. So follow some of these accounts and try some of the tricks listed above to take your photography to a whole new level. Also check out our cool guide on how to make green screen videos on TikTok

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