Monday, December 6

San Martiño reunites

Children in the inflatables of the As Lagoas tent. | // SANTOS ÁLVAREZ

The patron saint festivities of San Martiño were lived yesterday with a “bridge” in Moaña, which celebrated the day dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen, with the Council closed. In the parish church there was solemn mass in honor of the patron saint of the sailors, but the procession was not yet recovered, within that prudence that the COVID-19 pandemic still advises, which is increasing infections in Galicia, despite the population vaccinated.

Mass in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, yesterday in San Martiño de Moaña. | // SANTOS ÁLVAREZ

In the marquee installed in the atrium, the Banda Airiños do Morrazo offered a concert that animated a new vermouth session, quite crowded to which this “summer” of San Martiño contributed, with cold but with sun.

In the afternoon, the Airiños do Morrazo Music Band once again offered a concert and at 8:00 p.m. the Ámbar group performed, in a concert that was scheduled to end at 10:00 p.m.

The Local Police did not detect problems of possible illegally opened furanchos, nor were there any complaints about noise, so common in these parties before the pandemic, which brought together hundreds of young people until the early hours of the morning.

Today at 12:00 there is a funeral mass for all the deceased and for those of other parishes that collaborated with the festivities throughout these years

In Bueu, the day was marked by the morning religious services for San Roque, while the afternoon gave prominence to the youngest with the inflatables and traditional games developed in the As Lagoas tent. Already in the afternoon-night the festival was recovered with the performance of District 7.

For today the activity “Debuxadas” is planned, a route through the fountains and washhouses of San Martiño to draw them. It will be at 10. At 12 the inflatables and games will be repeated in the tent. In the afternoon there will be a magician with the Anpas from 5 pm, while at 9 pm Ningures Theater will perform “O Grocho” at the Social Center of the Sea. At 10 pm there will be a concert by Rebeliom do Inframundo with Dj Pol.

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