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How to play Caveira in Rainbow Six Siege: gadget, weapon and more

If you’re a Rainbow Six Siege player who typically finds yourself ditching targets to hunt down enemies, the elusive Caveira may be to your liking. As this defensive operator has nothing to contribute to protecting targets, he mostly thrives by hiding in common entrances and taking down enemies without making a sound. If this ghost of a character sounds perfect for you, these are the best routes to success with Caveira.

Main skill and gadget

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Caveira is one of the fastest characters in the game, with a speed rating of three out of three in Siege. This factor makes her main Silent Step ability more deadly, allowing her to run through each map without being heard. However, there are some hiccups when using this move. First of all, players will only be able to wield their suppressed Luison pistol when it is activated and the ability disappears after about 15 seconds.

To counter these weaknesses, we highly recommend drawing your primary weapon before firing at an enemy. The Luison has the potential to take out others with a single shot, but its recoil is incredibly difficult to control. Also, always equip the proximity alarms when using the character; when placed, they will sound loud all over the map when the opposing team is close. This is when you will activate the Silent Step ability and launch yourself towards the alarm with ease.

Weapons load

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Aside from the Luison, it is more beneficial to have the M12 as your primary weapon. Even as a SMG, it has surprisingly low recoil and is perfect for all the close encounters Caveira gets into. Continuing the stealth theme, the M12 should carry accessories such as the suppressor barrel and the lower laser barrel for maximum silence and precision.

The optics of the weapon is entirely up to you, as the only difference between these 1.0x scopes is their reticles. That being said, we have found that the time to aim down the gun sights is much faster when using the iron sights.

The Best Tricks to Succeed as Caveira

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Since you won’t be playing close to the target with Caveira, we recommend starting each round by placing proximity alarms in every corner of the house you are in. Make sure you have them on the same floor as the target and then head to a hideout on another floor. We’ve been most successful when we wait for the other team to go off the alarm, then trigger Silent Step and sneak up from behind.

There are times when the opposing team can detect and trigger alarms from a long distance. For these methods to work in your favor, you will need to place these devices in areas where people tend not to look. The best places to set alarms are usually inside bookshelves, under chairs, or on stair rails, as demonstrated above.

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