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8 things you completely missed on Demon Turf

Demon Turf is packed with content and hidden goodies to discover. Here are the best things you missed in the game.

For the uninitiated, Demon Turf is a wacky 3D platformer that takes place in a realm of cartoon demons. This game is packed with secret areas, hidden treats to discover, and many other surprises. The platformer genre generally does a great job of hiding things from view or, conversely, making you work for things like easter eggs and the like.

Demon Turf follows this genre trend and offers a host of things that you probably missed while playing the game. While many of these things may seem superfluous for the game as a whole, they still provide a great reward for players eager to discover every corner of the game. These are some of the best things you missed on Demon Turf.

Beebz can sit back and relax

Scattered throughout many of the game’s explorable areas are various places to sit, such as chairs, sofas, benches, and the like. Did you know there is a context sensitive button for Beebz to sit back and relax? Yes, Demon Turf offers you the opportunity in the game to kick back and relax before diving into more platforming shenanigans.

While sitting back and relaxing does nothing for Beebz, it’s still wonderful touches like this that help bring the game world of Demon Turf to life.

There is a triple jump

Okay, this one is incredibly easy to miss, as the game doesn’t directly teach you the mechanics. Beebz can do a triple jump that looks a lot like Mario’s famous jumps. By pressing the jump button in perfect succession upon landing, Beebz will triple jump.

The triple jump in Demon Turf looks great, but it’s really not that useful as you don’t get much more height compared to the double jump and twist technique. It’s still a fun undercover move that the developers included to pay loving tribute to characters like Mario.

The animation on hold

Many video games, specifically platformers, feature an idle animation for your character when you stop the game but forget to pause it. One of the most famous examples of this is in the original Sonic games, where Sonic would literally jump off the stage assuming he was done playing, leading to an actual game.

Demon Turf doesn’t take things that far, instead opting for Beebz by simply sitting down and pulling out his phone to text, play games, or whatever the demons do when they’re bored.

You can reappear yourself

Did you know that you can respawn if you press and hold a button in Demon Turf? While this may not seem like a useful mechanic, it can actually help you when you get stuck in the environment or if you made a mistake during a difficult platforming section.

Since Demon Turf features the ability to place checkpoint flags almost anywhere, you can simply respawn at the last one as you see fit. Like the triple jump, this mechanic is not explained externally to the player. You won’t need to use it often, but it’s there if you run into trouble.

Hat Child Hat from A Hat In Time

One of the most popular indie 3D platformer games is A Hat in Time from indie developer Gears for Breakfast. A Hat in Time stars the Hat Kid as he embarks on a quest to retrieve his lost Mustache Girl watches. Well, Demon Turf actually features a nod to the Hat Kid in the form of his famous top hat.

While exploring the Forktown main hub area, you can jump through a shaft portal in the middle of the central plaza. Once you reach the other side of the well, you can cross a thin wooden plant to reach a small market stall. One of the posts features this nod to A Hat in Time.

The secret retro cartridge in Forktown

Like many great 3D platformers, Demon Turf features a ton of collectibles, both obvious and hidden. One of the collectibles that are very easy to lose is the secret retro game cartridges. You have never actually been told about these cartridges, so when you discover one on your own, you feel like you are the first to claim it.

Forktown hides one of these secret retro cartridges just below the portal of the central square well. If you drop the well and find a floating, moving platform, you are on the right track. Measure your jump to get on board and as you navigate the bowels of the city, you will see the cartridge behind a pillar.

Beebz tagged a place

Photography is a big part of Demon Turf, whether you decide to participate in the activity or not. Beebz clearly loves photography and his camera, given that he can snap it out at any time to capture some great photos that can be exchanged for sweet rewards.

Clues from Beebz’s photography can be found in hidden areas of the game world, specifically in Forktown, his hometown. If you go down to the lower parts of the city and look near a large pillar next to the market area, you will come across a place tagged with photos.

Who is that character under the water?

Okay, this is something very strange and completely hidden in Demon Turf. Near the last gate of the Demon King in Forktown is a small moat filled with water. On the surface, pun intended, it seems pretty superfluous. However, Beebz can jump into the water to swim underneath and explore.

Hidden underwater is a strange looking NPC that cannot be interacted with or spoken to. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this quirky aquatic character, but it remains a secret that can easily be lost in the game.

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