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Xbox and Gucci will launch exclusive Series X that costs more than $ 200,000 pesos | LevelUp

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Xbox wants to celebrate its 20 years big next week, so it is already preparing attractive collaborations with well-known brands. This morning the first look at a project he did with Gucci, the prestigious luxury goods company, was revealed.

The companies partnered to launch a very special and limited package that will include everything necessary to enter the new generation. As you can imagine, the bundle includes an Xbox Series X, but it is a unique console with a design by Gucci.

In addition, it will come in a luxurious briefcase with all the brand’s hallmark and a couple of controls that were also customized especially for this occasion. The pack will be released in very limited quantities, so it will be difficult to have one in your collection. In addition, it will be a very expensive item not accessible to all pockets.

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This is what Gucci’s expensive Xbox Series X looks like

Xbox and Gucci created 100 unique Xbox Series X units in the world, as they have a special design that boasts the logo of the prestigious brand. Each unit will be accompanied by 2 custom controls and a hardshell case with luxury finishes and materials.

As if that were not enough, the package will include months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Each unit of the console will be numbered and packaged directly in the case. This exclusive bundle will go on sale on November 17.

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As we mentioned, it will not be cheap at all, as it will be offered in exchange for $ 10,000 USD, that is, about $ 205,280 MXN at the current exchange rate. It will be sold in Gucci stores in various countries, including Mexico, the United States, Japan, China, Italy, England and Germany.

Gucci explained that the design of the console was made with laser and that it is a recreation of an original pattern from the 30s. He decided to take it up again to use the letters GG, which refer to Guccio Gucci, founder of the brand, and to the well-known phrase “Good Game”. Below I leave you images of the package:

This is what Gucci’s Xbox Series X special edition looks like

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