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Unmatched: all the characters in the collection • Console and Board

Unmatched: Battle of Legends – Volumen 2 It will arrive throughout 2022, as announced by TCG Factory a few weeks ago. Its four new characters contribute to the growth of this universe, with the possibilities that it entails. To liven up the wait, we review all the heroes that make up the confirmed titles in Spanish.


Before starting the character guide of Unmatched, it is convenient to know what we are talking about. It is an asymmetrical board game, for 2 to 4 players, that combines miniatures, cards and boards.

Each box is independent, so it can be enjoyed by itself or combined with any other. We put ourselves in the shoes of a hero, in a fight to life or death. Thus, our mission is to reduce the lives of our opponents to zero. Follow some simple rules, not without action or strategic plans.

The series is a creation of Rob Daviau and Justin D. Jacobson, published in Spanish by TCG Factory. Now that you know the essence, it is time to get closer to their characters, capable of providing very different games from each other.


This guide can help you get closer to the universe of Unmatched or to opt for a box as a way to start, based on the characters that best suit your tastes or your style of play. It also serves to remember the possibilities of each hero, in such a way that you shape the best combinations.

Whether to discover, to remember or to organize, we divide the characters based on the game in which they appear. It is important to know that each one has his allies, helping him to stay alive. This report is made up of the characters from the main series, but not those from special editions, as is the case with Jurassic Park.

Unmatched: Battle of Legends – Volumen 1


Both at the beginning of the game and when playing certain cards, we can choose their size. If it is big, it contributes two points to the attack. When she is little, she will add one to the defense. It has two movement points, with 13 health and with melee attacks. Jabberwock, with his eight life points, is on your side. As with the young woman, she only attacks melee.

King Arthur

His attacks are also melee. It is capable of empowering them, as a way to gain an advantage. Like the previous one, it has two movement points. His starting life is 18 points. Who is able to attack from a distance is Merlin, his assistant, with his seven points of life.


This character can attack from a distance, with the possibility of causing one point of damage to an enemy in the same area, always at the beginning of the turn. It has three movement points and 16 life points. The harpies, represented by three counters, are his helpers. They will only execute melee attacks and have one hit point.


This hero improves as the game progresses. With two movement points and 15 health, he is a specialist in melee attacks. Each travel card in the discards allows you to move your fighters one more space during the maneuver. His assistant is El Porteador, with his six life points and his attacks, also melee.

TCG Factory March

Unmatched: Robin Hood VS Bigfoot

Robin Hood

As an expert with a bow, Nottingham’s notorious outlaw is noted for his ranged attacks. It has two movement points and 13 health. Once the attack is executed, the attacking fighter may move up to two squares. He is not alone, since four companions of his band accompany him in the adventure. They are experts in melee.


This giant reaches the forests with his swift, melee attacks. He has three movement points and a starting life of 16. If there are no enemies in the same area at the end of the turn, he can draw a card. He has his faithful Lebrilope as an ally, with his six points of life and his melee attacks.

Unmatched Cobble & Fog

Unmatched: Cobble & Fog


This dear character moves two and has 13 life points. It can execute melee attacks. At the beginning of his turn, he has a chance to deal one point of damage to a fighter. If he chooses, he draws a card. It is accompanied by its vampires, capable of stealing power from opponents, slowly, but effectively, with melee attacks.

Jekyll y Hyde

Cunning and brute force go hand in hand in this hero with 16 health points, with two movement points. Start out as Dr. Jekyll, with the option to transform at the beginning of each turn. After carrying out the maneuver, he takes one point of damage. His attacks are melee.

Sherlock Holmes

It has two points of movement and 16 of life. The famous detective specializes in strategic calculation, with his melee attacks. Watson, his assistant, is capable of ranged attacks. This one has eight points of life. The effects of Holmes and Watson’s cards cannot be canceled by an opponent.

The invisible man

As a quirk, use the fog tokens to be inconspicuous. It is the way to hit opponents without being seen. Thus, at the beginning of the game, we place three fog tokens in separate spaces in their area. When he moves to one of those squares, he gets a defense point. It is able to move between two foggy spaces as if they were adjacent. It has two movement points and 15 health. Carry out melee attacks.

Unmatched Caperucita Roja VS Beowulf

Unmatched: Caperucita Roja VS Beowulf

red Riding Hood

This fairy tale character is accompanied by his particular basket, to be placed in the discard pile at the start of the game. Throughout the competition, we will compare symbols of the cards played with the objects in the basket, to execute effects. It has two movement points and 14 health. Carry out melee attacks. The Hunter has nine health points. Of course, it surprises with its ranged attacks.


This hero has 17 health points and two movement points. Perform melee attacks. Anger is your main tool, starting with a period. When he takes damage, he increases it by one point (with a total maximum of three). His partner, Wiglaf, has nine life points. He also executes melee attacks.

Unmatched Battle of Legends Volumen 2

Unmatched: Battle of Legends – Volumen 2


It has 18 life points and two movement points. His anger goes hand in hand with Patroclus, his assistant. When he is defeated (6 life points), we discard two cards, randomly. It will add two points to your attack value. When we win the fight, we will draw a card. They both carry out melee attacks.

Bloody Mary

It has 16 life points and three movement points. His attacks are melee. At the beginning of the turn, if you have exactly three cards, you gain an action. He defines himself as a character as bloody as he is elusive.

Sun Wukong

He is accompanied by his clones, with melee attacks. The main character also executes melee attacks. It has 17 life points and two movement points. He has the option of taking one point of damage at the beginning of each turn, in exchange for summoning one of his clones. It will be located in an adjacent empty space.


The warrior princess, like her archers, executes ranged attacks. It has 15 life points and two movement points. If it takes damage, it can be assigned to one or more archers in its same zone.

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