Sunday, November 28

Uli Hoeness’s huge crack on PSG and City: “Their shitty money is not enough, they don’t even have a Champions League”

El Honorary President of the Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeness, attacks PSG and Manchester City in a podcast dedicated to his life broadcast since this Friday. “His shit money, that’s not enough,” the former Bavarian leader stressed about the two clubs considered. Europe’s new rich, since his seizure of power by Qatari and Emirati funds.

On several occasions, Hoeness raja directamente a Nasser al-Khelaïfi, Parisian president: “I don’t know if he likes football, the difference between him and me? I worked hard to earn my money and he received it as a gift. We put it at his disposal and he doesn’t need to work for it. When he wants a player, he will find his emir.

“So far these two clubs have not won anything. Nothing at all,” rejoices the 1974 world champion, very sure of himself. “They will lose against us again. Not always, but from time to time. That must be our goal. And when we beat them, that makes me very happy. “Hoeness referring to the Champions League final where Bayern defeated PSG in Lisbon.

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The Parisian economic model is totally different to implanted by Hoeness in Munich, and the latter does not hesitate to point out: “What is currently happening in Paris is planning to one year. This is not my universe. I see things from an economic point of view. I do not put all my money at once, only to be congratulated for a year or two and after me the flood. “

Hoeness is regarded as the architect of Bayern’s current financial might for his tenure first as sporting director and then as president. In discussions about the financial advantages that Bayern has over other German teams, Hoeness always remembered the Bavarian club’s money had been generated by playing football. and it did not come from gifts from some foreign investor.

Hoeness has been linked to Bayern from his time as a player and became a manager at the age of 29, when his career as an asset ended with a knee injury

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