Wednesday, December 7

They compare the remasters of GTA: the Trilogy with the original versions

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition receives a new comparison from ElAnalistaDeBits in which Different features of Rockstar Games classic remasters are compared to their original versions. It should be noted that a couple of days ago we already received a comparison between the classic and remastered version of GTA: Vice City, although this new comparison covers the three titles of the compilation pack. The same user has also shared a video that puts the versions for PlayStation consoles face to face, highlighting a spotty performance and poor remastering work.

In general, the most notable improvements that we can see in this remastered compilation are the textures, character modeling and a lighting system much more in keeping with the times. There are also some other appreciable improvements in the physics and reflections of the water, although they are minor details. A feature that was present in the originals and has been removed in this remastering is the possibility of putting the game camera in an overhead view, a detail that tried to emulate the perspective from which we see the first GTA.

Gameplay improvements and removal of details

Although not all is good news for GTA: The Trilogy, this includes some improvements in the quality of life that are greatly appreciated, as is the case of the pointing system, much more precise and similar to that of the GTA more modern. A very striking aspect is that most scenarios have lost the bluish mist that covers them, a detail that was probably in the originals to camouflage certain technical deficiencies. However, the absence of fog brings out some somewhat annoying details, such as a popping very pronounced when traveling by plane or when approaching certain surfaces too fast.

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Another welcome improvement in quality of life is the inclusion of a free chamber for Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; in the originals there were only fixed cameras. Mind you, unfortunately the compilation has removed some of the most loved tricks of users for technical reasons.

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