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The iconic samurai anime of Rick and Morty will have a second part and so you can see it | LevelUp

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Last year, Adult Swim surprised the world with Samurai & Shogun, a short of Rick and Morty made by Studio Deen, famous anime studio known for its work on Ranma ½ and Patlabor. It was one of those cool things that you can’t stay like that and that’s why it will have a second part and will debut very soon.

Adult Swim confirmed that the Adult Swim Festival will be held on November 12, 2021. That is where it will be released Samurai Shogun Part 2, the continuation of the short that last year surprised all Rick and Morty fans.

If you want to see Samurai Shogun Part 2You should know that it will premiere this Friday, November 12, on the official Adult Swim site. At the moment it is unknown what time this animated short will be available. While you’re waiting for it to premiere, you can check out its first teaser.

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What is the samurai special of Rick and Morty?

In case you didn’t know, Samurai Shogun is a short of Rick and Morty made by Studio Deen. This animation presented us with a universe based on feudal Japan, in which we could see versions of Rick and Morty that seemed taken from Ghost of Tsushima.

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the multiverses of Rick and Morty, Samurai Shogun it is considered canon. So what you’ll see takes place in one of the main series universes. Will we see the Samurai universe in any of the new seasons of the series? Wish, since there is no doubt that it would be fun.

Are you excited to see Samurai Shogun Part 2? What do you hope to see in this continuation of the short of Rick and Morty? Tell us in the comments.

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