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The best racing games you can play on PS5

Take a look at the best driving games available on PlayStation 5!

Going fast is a primary desire. The thrill of the race, the wind in your hair, the crunch of a successful gearbox, and the screeching of tires around a corner, when it works, is magical. Whether you’re cruising through Paradise City in a beat-up muscle car, throwing a red shell at Yoshi in Mario Kart, or carefully positioning yourself for the ideal line in Gran Turismo, there’s a racer for you.

The PS5 has been out for a while and racing games are flooding into Sony’s big white box. This list will only cover games that have specific versions of PS5, so there are no backward compatible titles. These are brand new tires for a brand new machine.

MotoGP 21

Most racing games have you operate powerful engines carefully attached to four wheels. This is fine if you like to travel by car and grab the wheel. It’s less okay if you’re a fan of motorized horse riding. This is where MotoGP 21 comes in. You won’t see a single controllable car when playing MotoGP, and that’s a good thing. Two wheels, loads of riders, this season’s championship rule set, and steeper than the only tower of Pisa. The dream of a motorcycle addict.

If you like bikes with huge engines and sleek frames, this is the game for you. It’s been optimized for the PS5 with cutting-edge graphics and liberal use of the various features of the Dualsense controllers that allow you to feel every curve while cautiously brushing your knee against the asphalt. It even comes with beginner-friendly options and modes that make it super accessible. The only thing missing from MotoGP 21 is a narrative component to really tie the package together. Most modern riders give you an emotional excuse to get in and burn rubber, but MotoGP 21 falls short of that mark.

Destruction Allstars

There is a lack of go-kart racers on the PS5 at the moment, which is a shame. Sure Mario Kart has a monopoly on the subgenre, but this is a Sony platform, and Mario isn’t going to “Yahoo” on it any time soon. Destruction Allstars isn’t a kart racer by any stretch of the imagination, it conveys a very similar feel thanks to its focus on frenetic action, hectic gameplay, and multiplayer mayhem. Heck, it even looks pretty classy with crisp, clean images and a slightly stylized art direction.

You choose a racer, jump into a large dome, and reserve it to the nearest wheelset. The aim of the game is to destroy everyone who stands in your way, using unique abilities, unique cars and natural talents. It’s a fun game that isn’t perfect, but it’s more than willing to give you a good time. Being a PS5 exclusive, it makes good use of the Dualsense, and the adaptive triggers are the highlight of the controls.


Wreckfest had an unfortunate life on the PS4. It was flying mostly under the radar, so almost everyone ignored it. It even dared to swing a less-than-desirable frame rate, which made it a bit off-putting to play. A real shame, as crashing drivers into walls and driving rickety rides is just a recipe for fun. Fortunately, Wreckfest has had a second chance at life on the PS5 with improved visuals and improved frames. There has never been a better time to dive.

Diving is a must do as Wreckfest is a fantastic combination of high speed racing, crunchy steel, and arcade goodness. Whether you’re pressing the AI ​​against barriers, beating your teammates into submission, or rubbing up against a stranger on a turn in line, Wreckfest feels fantastic to play. Mind you, the Dualsense is underused here, and some of the tracks are a bit lifeless, but if destruction is your thing, it really doesn’t get better than Wreckfest.

Dirt 5

Since Dirt first appeared in 2007, it has been one of the preferred rally racers on the market. Always with cutting-edge visuals, handling, and even menus, the series has dominated the subgenre for over a decade. Dirt 5 for PS5 is arguably the best version of the best game ever produced by the series. With tons of graphics options and settings, like Ray Tracing and a 120FPS performance mode, DIrt never looked or performed better.

The game is also played like a dream, although Dirt has finally been turned into a full-on arcade racing game. If you are looking for something a little heavier, you may not like this. Those who like it will be delighted though, as Dirt 5 controls like a dream and offers all sorts of modes and things to do. The PS5 version was released with several game-breaking bugs, but these (mostly) have been fixed. Oh, and the game has excellent Dualsense compatibility, which is always a seller when it comes to PS5 racers.

F1 2021

There is nothing like F1. Many motorsports fall into a similar category, but let’s be honest, F1 reigns supreme, and has done so for decades. Fortunately, sports’ foray into video games has been a huge success. Every entry has more or less been based on the last one in factually fantastic ways, and F1 2021 is by far the best iteration the series has ever had. Also, this is a runner for everyone, not just sports fans.

Getting your butt 1 ”off the ground and hitting some of the best real-world tracks ever conceived is an absolute joy. The sense of speed is unmatched and the level of precision and control can only be described as perfect. The game even comes with a story to push everything forward with a decent nickname, and what’s more, it comes with several accessibility options. Anyone, from beginners to hardened professionals, can participate and have fun. Oh, and if you are concerned about long loading times since the return of 2020, have no fear, the monstrous volume of the PS5 cuts them down.

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