Wednesday, December 7

SunnySide, the agricultural practice in the Japanese countryside • Console and Dashboard

Third quarter of 2022. It is the date that RainyGames and Crytivo set for the premiere of SunnySide. This proposal starts with the purchase of a plot of land in the heart of the Japanese countryside.


As we see in its presentation trailer, this title is an invitation to cultivate new experiences, building a prosperous farm. As is customary in the genre, relationships with the locals will also be important, to such an extent that love will soon appear.

The player himself will choose the way to create his own farm. He will take care of his crops and animals, while using technology to keep in touch with new friends and to streamline farming tasks.

The idea is that we dedicate time to the inhabitants we come across, in search of balance. The hard work will be accompanied by breaks, in which to enjoy a beautiful Japanese landscape. The construction of solar panels, electric water pumps and contemporary machines for the production of food will not miss the appointment.

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