Sunday, November 28

Starfield showed his spectacular soundtrack at the Skyrim 10th anniversary concert

Last night a special was held concert in commemoration of the 10th anniversary from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, an event in which Bethesda collaborated with the London Symphony Orchestra to commemorate the celebrated soundtrack of the fantasy role-playing game that was originally released 10 years ago. In addition to reviewing the most iconic themes, the concert was peppered with anecdotes and memories in homage to SkyrimAlthough the highlight came at the end, when Todd Howard, the studio’s executive producer, ushered in composer Inon Zur to present a sample of the soundtrack of Starfield.

From minute 52 of the video available below you can listen to some songs from the soundtrack of Starfield, the space RPG that Bethesda will release to Xbox Series X / S and PC on November 11, 2022, just one year from now. As you can see, the essence of music is very similar to that of Skyrim, but with an evocative twist that reminds us of another great space science fiction franchise: Star Wars.

Starfield it is “Skyrim in space, “according to Todd Howard

Music is not the only thing they have similar Starfield and Skyrim; precisely this week Todd Howard has assured that his new video game (he acts as director in this project) is basically like Skyrim in the space”, referring to the fact that there are many similarities between the two, such as the faction system, the skill system and the ability to interact with practically all the objects that we see on the stage.

Starfield coming exclusively to Xbox Series X / S and PC on November 11th of 2022 thanks to an agreement between Microsoft and Bethesda that, in the words of Howard himself, be very positive for the development of the project.

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