Wednesday, December 7

Spotify Autoplay for Connected Devices Starts Annoying Users

Spotify’s autoplay feature has been automatically enabled on connected devices in recent weeks and there is no way to disable it.

Spotify automatically enables autoplay on connected devices without an option to disable it. Spotify’s autoplay feature is a great option for those who want to hit play and forget about it. The function works by detecting the current song, album, or playlist being played and continues to play similar music after the original selection is finalized. Effectively allowing the user to play music forever.

Spotify has expanded beyond music in recent years. The company now has a decent library of original podcasts and has even released a Car Thing that gives the user easier access to their podcasts and music library while driving. Spotify is also available on a wide range of general devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even smart speakers.

Spotify recently made a change that appears to be bothering a number of users. A spokesperson for Spotify said The edge that when using the service through a connected device, Autoplay is the default setting,” and that there is currently no way to disable it. The spokesperson goes on to say that, “Autoplay won’t start if you play a track, album, or playlist with Repeat enabled.” In a Post to the Spotify Community Forum, a moderator also essentially confirmed that this is a feature and not a bug, and it was rolled out in recent weeks.

How annoying is Spotify now?

Enabling repeat will not solve the problem if someone just wants to play one song or album. Also, they don’t have many options left until Spotify decides to re-implement a toggle that allows them to disable autoplay. For example, the Spotify alternative for users is to visit the Spotify Idea Exchange and vote «Option to enable / disable autoplay on all devices / platforms“suggestion. While algorithmic playlists are a recent invention, the fact that Spotify is forcing autoplay on every user with a connected device hardly benefits its users or the service. As with most things these days, choice is important.

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There is always the option to switch to a different music streaming service. There are a handful of other options that offer the ability to play a song or album on demand and without having to turn repeat on (or off). Of course, switching services should only be used as a last resort. For some, like those on a family or annual plan, or those interested in the other features that Spotify only has, there may be no option to switch at all. Actually Spotify just needs to re-add the feature and hopefully it won’t take as long as Spotify HiFi to launch.

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