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Shin Megami Tensei V, magistral JRPG de Atlus, para Nintendo Switch

The new installment in Atlus’ cult JRPG saga, Shin Megami Tensei V, is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The new trailer, Order and Chaos, sheds more light on what to expect from this hellish adventure. Neither human nor demon, a newly awakened Nahobino and his friends will have to decide what is worthy of salvation, and be prepared to sacrifice everything in pursuit of that decision.

The plot of this installment starts when a Creepy murder scene in contemporary Tokyo blocks the protagonist’s way home, and an unexpected detour leads him to lose consciousness, buried in an unfamiliar environment. When he wakes up he finds himself in a different Tokyo, a devastated city and in a underworld called Da’at in which bloodthirsty demons lurk until an unexpected savior appears, and by joining with the protagonist, a legendary being is created that is neither human nor demon: it is a Nahobino.

With his new power, the protagonist enters the Da’at, a wasteland full of deities, angels, demons and creatures of all kinds who are in conflict for survival. The protagonist must forge his own path as he searches for answers in a battle between light and darkness that will dictate the fate of the world.

Battle system

Shin Megami Tensei V creates a story that grows in intensity as it is necessary to make decisions that involve sacrifices to maintain ideals. The game requires positioning with light or dark as the player discovers their role in the new world. The Press Turn battle system allows you to look for the weaknesses of the enemies to carry out consecutive actions, but you have to avoid taking a false step that can mean the end at the moment when you least expect it.

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As the game progresses, formidable enemies can be turned into essential allies by recruiting demons to fight through the negotiation system. These demons can then be used to fuse them into more powerful creatures to suit the player’s playstyle and needs.

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Fans of the more traditional Japanese role and tough challenges have an impressive game format with this new installment. The Creator has fallen, and it is up to the player, a Nahobino, to mediate a struggle between light and darkness to decide the course of a new world not without sacrifices.

Shin Megami Tensei V is on sale now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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