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RUMOR: the new installment of 1 vs 100 is in development for Xbox | LevelUp

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Xbox Game Studios is betting on all kinds of proposals that satisfy the tastes of all types of players and this may open the possibility for us to see games designed for a casual and fun experience. In 2009, Xbox LIVE released its version of 1 vs 100, a game inspired by the British TV show, and at the time it was a success as it brought the online and multiplayer experience to a different audience. The years have passed and it seems that something similar is in development.

Trivia games could return to Xbox

According to the journalist from VentureBeat, Jeff Grubb, a new installment of 1 vs 100 It is in development for Xbox and those in charge of making it happen are the members of the AltspaceVR team. In case you don’t know, AltspaceVR is a virtual reality platform for social interaction purposes that was acquired by Microsoft and now works in conjunction with the artificial intelligence teams and the Azure cloud.

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12 years ago, the players of 1 vs 100 they received points, now what will they earn?

Taking into account the above, the new installment of 1 vs 100If true, it could take advantage of the Xbox online environment but also the power of the cloud, because although it is a VR platform, Microsoft’s games division has been distant from doing something ambitious in that sector . On the other hand, Grubb pointed out that this multiplayer proposal will be based on the idea of ​​Metaverso that Microsoft recently presented, so that the avatars created by the user would be used to participate.

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1 vs 100Following the meaning of the TV show, it is a multiplayer experience where 1 user participates as a contestant and another 100 as rivals. The objective is to answer trivia questions and in the case of the Xbox LIVE version, a prize of 10,000 Microsoft Points was played, whether the contestant will win all or the rivals will distribute them equally and even in this case a game was given to the players. participants.

In this regard, it should be remembered that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, touched on the subject a long time ago and although he pointed out that the franchise 1 vs 100 is the property of those responsible for the show, the developers they are thinking of something similar to please the fans who want something of that kind.

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