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RUMOR: Halo Infinite multiplayer could surprise and debut next week | LevelUp

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Halo Infinite will arrive in december. That’s a fact confirmed by Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios, but it looks like we won’t have to wait that long to get a taste of this release. We say so since new rumors suggest that its free-to-play multiplayer could surprise and debut next week.

What happens is that multiple insiders claim that the multiplayer of Halo Infinite will be available from November 15. In fact, some hint that Heroes of Reach, the first multiplayer season of the long-awaited 343 Industries title, will be released that same day.

It is important to make it clear that none of the insiders share any evidence that makes us see this as more of a rumor. That said, think about the possibility of multiplayer arriving almost a month before the campaign of Halo Infinite It is not entirely unreasonable.

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What happens is that on November 15 the anniversary of HaloIt will also be the day on which the special edition console of the Halo Infinite. As if that were not enough, on November 15 there will be a special Xbox transmission and reliable sources say there will be surprises, despite the fact that Microsoft has assured that there will be no special announcements of new games.

What are we going with this? Because November 15 is a day that Xbox Game Studios will celebrate the anniversary of Halo with the premiere of a console and a transmission. Additionally, a surprise multiplayer release of Halo Infinite it would come as a surprise that it has nothing to do with a new game.

With all of this in mind a surprise multiplayer release of Halo Infinite during the 15th anniversary broadcast it doesn’t seem far-fetched to us. Do you think it will happen? Tell us in the comments.

Before finishing we want to remind you that this is only a rumor and speculation. So, keep your hype low over the weekend. We will be on the lookout and will tell you if a multiplayer premiere of Halo Infinite for November 15.

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Halo Infinite is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. We remind you that its release date is next December 8. You can learn more about this highly anticipated 343 Industries FPS by clicking here.

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