Sunday, June 26

Rossi, joker to the end

Ehe MotoGP World Championship I will miss the track performances a lot. Valentino Rossi and the fans their celebrations or sympathy in the box, but all, in general, will find their usual good humor to be lacking. Even on bad days, the Tavullia does not lose his smile and allows himself to joke about almost anything. In his press appearances he always leaves original expressions and with a natural grace that has contributed to his unquestionable charisma.

At the Ricardo Tormo circuit, everyone wants something of the myth. There is an audience in the ‘paddock’ – at last – and the persecutions have returned, although to a lesser extent than before the pandemic. The restrictions will be ending, but there has been a consensus on a reduction in the number of people who are closer to the boxes, ‘hospitalities’, trucks, etc. However, in Cheste, a few fans were able to take photos with Rossi next to the Petronas Yamaha garage.

On the track things did not go well, as almost always this season of goodbye. It was the latter, but, as is customary, when he takes off his overalls and puts his work away, he relativizes everything and brings out his most affable character. “It’s difficult because of the layout and the grip. I hope the circuit improves. I think that with better conditions I could perform better.”, confessed.

Rossi, haciendo a ‘stubble’.PETRONAS SRT

The 200 podium joke

On Thursday, the rest of the pilots were planted a joke: Will they let Valentino Rossi pass for the Italian to get his last podium? Without a doubt, it will be the dreamed goodbye, but, due to its chronos, it is almost a chimera. Some responded more seriously, like Joan Mir. “Maybe he surprises us and is fighting with us. It is not the way. He would not like it,” he commented. But his ward, BagnaiaIf he was open to it, he entered the game. “It is something very difficult to achieve. We will let it pass … in the lap of honor,” he said. Jack Thousandr, also very outgoing, was fucking it. “Valentino has a lot of money, I’m open to negotiate,” he proclaimed with a laugh.

Okay, true to yourself, I continued with grace. “I think, unfortunately, it is impossible. If they gave me a podium, I would be very happy because it would be number 200. I will pay them. Or even throw a party, invite them and pay for everything. But i think i won’t pass“, he said between laughter.

It is only the last. Or rather, the second to last, because it will always continue like this. It is his way of being, like surprising up to 42 years old and having counted everything. When questioned about his motorcycles, like the ones he has at home, he made a confession. “Sometimes I get on them and make noise. Especially before I sleep.”, he exposed. The eternal Peter Pan, as some call him.

Although, age weighs and he recognizes it himself when he gets more serious, which he also does when he plays. They asked him what he thinks he would do in this career if he were 20 years old. Rossi, why not, he did not avoid the question. “I think he will fight for victory,” he asserted emphatically.

The good thing is that the motorcycle pilot leaves him, but the joker Valentino, the person, will also continue in this world and in others – “next year I want to go to a Formula 1 race”, he explained when evaluating a possible race with his fan Lando Norris-. Those closest to you will continue to enjoy your wit … and more. “To continue being a great help to my drivers. I will come to some races, follow the training sessions and give advice. It is a great feeling when they do good races,” he said. Work and fun all rolled into one. As always with Rossi.

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