Sunday, November 28

Real Madrid plays with fire and suffers against bottom Zalgiris




El Real Madrid faced a priori a very affordable match against him Zalgiris, bottom of the Euroleague (0-9), but he had to sweat to pull it off. Don’t be fooled by the end result (95-82). The Lithuanians knew how to make profitable poor defense of the whites in the second and third act (they scored 59 points) to put them in a bind (67-65, min 27) at the blow of triple (13/31) , and well directed by Lekavicius (12 + 10 assists).

Those of Laso, who withstood the bombardment with a Very active Yabusele (15 + 6) they finally rolled back their sleeves in the last quarter and, pushed by their old guard (Llull and Rudy) and for the Poirier’s inner strength, they avoided greater evils. They equate like this to Only (7-2) and follow in the wake of Armani Miln (8-2).


Sean Marks, general manager of the Brooklyn Nets, was in the stands and sure he took good note of the Yabusele’s physical might, and of the promising future before the young man Nikola Vukcevic (7 + 3), protagonist of some spectacular actions. Something bisoo but with an enviable projection ahead. Less they surprised him for sure the skill of veteran Rudy (10 + 4 passes), the Poirier’s inner power (12 + 4) and the prodigious hand of Llull (13 + 2 + 4), who long ago let his train to the NBA pass.

Inner power of Tavares and Yabusele

Madrid dominated the game from the start thanks to interior power of Tavares and Yabusele (8-0, min 4).No news from Lekavicius, its great external argument, nor of Shooter, canceled by Taylor, the Zalgiris survived with baskets of Blazevic removing Tavares from the area, and Cavanaugh. A zone defense allowed him to stop something bleeding at the end of the first quarter (20-11), in which Tavares and Yabusele they signed so many points and rebounds (11+7) Like the whole Lithuanian team, which only managed to avoid the white counterattacks.


The Zalgiris was revitalized at the beginning of the second act with four triples (Milaknis, Ulanovas, Webster and Giffey) that they approached him on the scoreboard (32-27, min 14)Then the old white guard appeared to neutralize that reaction with two triples from Rudy and another two from Llull. Poirier and a great Vukcevic complemented that outside attack to shoot Madrid again (45-32, min 17).

Lekavicius he finally made an appearance to score eight points in a row that they put their own people back in the game (47-40). Tavares and Vukcevic prevented the mattress from deflating further before the break (51-45). El Zalgiris firm 6/8 triples in that second quarter and Madrid, who had received only 11 points in the first, he lowered his defensive performances and fit 34 in the next.

Heurtel and Yabusele come to the rescue

Heurtel, untouched until then, threw the white team on his back at the restart and, well supported by Yabusele, scored eight points to extend the lead (62-51, min 34). However, the French base did not comply in defense with Lekavicius and the Lithuanians, with the electricity of his base and four more triples he knocked again on the door of the whites (67-65, min 27). Yabusele came to the rescue of Madrid to keep the rent before the last act.


Laso bet on defensive players (Hanga, Rudy, Causeur and Poirier) to reduce the Lithuanian production. But Giffey and Cavanaugh (with the thirteenth Lithuanian triple) broke the shackles to keep their team (81-75, min 34). Causeur’s defense over Lekavicius (12 + 10 assists so far) worked short-circuiting the Lithuanians. And once that was achieved, the triples by Llull and Hanga, the great work under the boards by Poirier and a mark robbery of Rudy’s house allowed the whites to avoid suffering at the end (93-80, min 38). Only when he defended at the height of his attack could Madrid sentence (95-82).

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