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Nintendo is happy with the sales of the OLED Switch, but it sold less than other Switches | LevelUp

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Nintendo Switch OLED debuted in October 2021 as the second revision of the Nintendo Switch. It is a model that offers almost the same features as the original model, the main differences being a better screen and more storage capacity. Many wonder if it has been a commercial success and Nintendo has already revealed how many units of Switch OLED it sold in the United States.

How did this console fare during its first month in the United States? According to Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, a total of 711,000 units of Switch were shipped in this region during October 2021. Of that number, 314,000 units correspond to the OLED model.

This means that 314,000 units of Nintendo Switch OLED and 397,000 units of other Nintendo Switch models were sold during October. It is unknown which of the 3 consoles in the family was the most successful last month, but it is striking that the new model does not cover the majority of sales.

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A striking point is that Bowser says that the OLED Nintendo Switch not only attracted new consumers, but also appealed to those who already have a Switch. What happens is that the majority of sales of the OLED model were to subjects who already have the regular Switch or a Switch Lite and who bought the new model for themselves or for a member of their family.

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The fight for the console market is tough

While sales appear to be low, it must be remembered that the Nintendo Switch OLED is a review and not a new console. In addition, Bowser ensures that Switch sales in October 2021 only had an annual drop of 3%, an acceptable figure when we take into account that last year the sale of some consoles soared due to the high demand caused by the pandemic and confinement.

“In October we only sold 3% less than what we sold last year and I think we can agree that last year was an anomaly when it comes to hardware sales. I think it’s a solid start for the OLED model. We also think it’s a strong indicator of the performance we can expect during the Christmas season, ”Bowser explained.

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It is worth mentioning that in October, Nintendo Switch sales in the United States attracted a lot of attention for one reason: PlayStation 5 cut its 33-month streak as the best-selling console. Without a doubt, this is a great victory for Sony in a context in which PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox are not only fighting to be the most attractive console, but also to be the one with the most units to market in a world full of shortages. of components.

What do you think of the commercial performance of the Nintendo Switch OLED? Do you think this console should be a bigger hit? Tell us in the comments.

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