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GungHo Online Entertainment continues to support Ninjala, its Battle Royale title of Bubble Gum Ninjas for Nintendo Switch. Season 8 is very close and to get players excited today, new content on the way and an entirely new animated series were revealed.

The company in charge of Ninjala announced that Season 8 will be animal-themed and will run from December 2, 2021 to March 9, 2022.

This new season will mark the arrival of 2 new bubblegum weapons, the Ninja Carpet and the Bird Drill, which are based on weapons already available, but which offer new abilities and, of course, design. On the other hand, it was revealed that there will also be a new Shinobi Card, Iron Bind, which will make the gum bindings more resistant.

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Ninjala will have tournaments with juicy prizes

A new Featured Battle modality called Turf Match, which will consist of a 4 vs 4 team game mode that will have to compete to dominate areas on the map. This limited mode will be available from December 3-5, December 10-12, January 7-9, January 14-16, February 11-13, and February 18-20.

A feature of Season 8 is that players will be able to select previous Featured Battles in Room Battles mode, for now Ninjala Striker and Release the Beast have been confirmed.

The WNA Tournament was announced, which will be a new tournament that will be held constantly and will be available in a very short period. The first edition, Hattori Hanzo Cup, which will be held on December 25 at 8:00 PM and will last 6 hours, so it will end on December 26 at 1:59 AM (Mexico City time). Take into account that it will be a challenging tournament, as it will have a worldwide leaderboard. This tournament can be selected through the Ninjala Lab option and will offer many rewards according to the final position, the largest will be that of the number 1 position, as it will offer 10,000 Jala, but there will be other prizes for the first 500 players, apart from all the who participate will receive 100 coins for the Gumball Machine.

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Ninjala will celebrate Cyber ​​Monday with new content and discounts

A Cyber ​​Monday-themed campaign is also being organized, which will be available from November 17 to December 1 and through which players will be able to get some outfits at half price if they have the Ninjala Pass, in addition to being they will offer up to 400 Jala (50 Jala every day) as a login bonus. If you have claimed and saved all the gifts in the game since its release (and if the counts don’t fail), you should have at least 2900 Jala (counting the next gift). A new outfit, the Firefight Style, in the limited Gacha will have a 7.5% chance to appear and the Astronaut Style can also be found for sale in the Shinobi Shop.

It was also revealed that GungHo Online Entertainment will soon be conducting tests to improve the matchmaking between the different ranks in the online game.

Ninjala will have a new animated series

In addition to all the above, the company announced that it is working on a new animated series of Ninjala, with which GungHo Online Entertainment plans to “delve into the world of Ninjala“, so it will be possible to know more about Burton, Berecca and more bubble gum ninjas.

We remind you that Ninjala is a great project for GungHo Online Entertainment, and in conjunction with the game it launched an animated series or anime that has received several chapters in the year after its premiere. Apparently the new anime will be the next step for this project.

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Unfortunately, not many details were offered about this series beyond some animation illustrations, so we do not know which studio will take over the project or if it will be an in-house production. The series is scheduled to premiere in January 2022.

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Ninjala is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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