Sunday, November 28

Microsoft is giving away $ 100 gift cards, so check your email

Microsoft is sending gift cards of up to $ 100 to some users. Gift cards can be redeemed in the Microsoft Store to purchase Surface devices and more.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Microsoft is giving away up to $ 100 in Microsoft Store gift cards in a surprise gesture. $ 100 can go a long way in the Microsoft Store, allowing users to get 10 months of Xbox Game Pass. Users can also go for a standard $ 60 game like Infinite Halo or the brand new Forza Horizon 5 along with a bunch of other indie titles. The cards can also be redeemed for Surface devices such as the Surface Laptop or Surface Go 3 for a discount of up to $ 100. The products were announced in September and are currently available for purchase in the Microsoft Store.

Promotions like this are not very common in technology companies, especially Microsoft. While Google gives away Play Store gift cards from time to time, their values ​​are mostly significantly less than $ 100. However, Microsoft is not believed to have run a similar promotion in recent memory, so this is a surprise to many.

On Wednesday, Twitter offers the falcon Wario64 (@ Wario64) aware about sending Microsoft emails to random users, offering gift cards worth up to $ 100. The offer seemed too good to be true, causing many to wonder if it was a scam. However, since then the official Microsoft Twitter account is believed to have confirmed the news to The edge via a DM, which means this is a legitimate company promotion and the gift cards on offer are very real. In that case, they can be redeemed in the Microsoft Store for pretty much anything, including software or hardware. However, Microsoft seems to expect it to be the latter, saying “Time to buy Surface and more”.

Not everyone gets $ 100

While many users have started reporting that they received the gift cards, $ 100 seems to be the highest amount on offer and not everyone gets that much. Many others on Twitter, such as Carlos Bermudez (@ CyB3RMUDEZ) are reporting getting only $ 10, which still buys you a full month of Xbox Game Pass. It will be interesting to see how many people will get the full $ 100, and how many will have to be satisfied with lower amounts.

Microsoft has yet to release an official statement on the promotion, which means it is not yet clear why the company is sending out these giveaways. It is also not known if there is an eligibility criteria for these gift cards or if the company just randomly sends them to users. Either way, a little word of mouth goes a long way in inspiring customer loyalty and buying goodwill for the company.

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