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Metroid Dread had the best franchise debut in the US without selling millions | LevelUp

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Metroid It is a franchise that many love, but has never been recognized for having massive sales. This is why, although we hate that it happens, it is justified that Nintendo wants to put it in the freezer for some periods. Because of this, many were watching the commercial performance of Metroid Dread with a magnifying glass, but how did it go? Nintendo has already shared its first figures in the United States.

Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, announced that Metroid Dread it sold 854,000 copies during October in the United States. It sounds like a small amount; however, this made it the fastest-selling game in the series in this region.

It is worth mentioning that, only with sales in the United States, Metroid Dread it can already be considered a success within the franchise. With this quantity of copies shipped it is close to approaching the sales of legendary games such as Super Metroid (1.42 million copies sold); Metroid Fusion (1.60 million copies sold) and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (1.10 million copies sold).

Let us remember that these figures only take into account the sales of Metroid Dread in United States. It may be that counting the copies sold in Europe, Asia and Japan it has already outperformed some other delivery.

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How much do you need Dread to be the Metroid most successful?

To become the most successful delivery of Metroid up to now, Metroid Dread it would have to exceed the 2.84 million copies it shipped Metroid Prime. You’ll make it? Let’s hope so so that Samus Aran has a bright future and is not sent to the dungeon of forgotten franchises.

Nintendo is undoubtedly happy with the commercial performance of Metroid Dread is good news for Metroid and all his fans. Hopefully something similar happens with Metroid Prime 4 And let a golden age begin for this Nintendo franchise that deserves more.

And you, what do you think about the sales of Metroid Dread? Do you think the game is having the success it deserves? Tell us in the comments.

Metroid Dread is available now for Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about this release developed by MercruySteam if you click here.


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