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MARCA Sport Weekend: direct from the first day

¡Direct from MARCA Sport Weekend, with some of the most important athletes and communication specialists on the national scene!

Brand Sport Weekend live

Program of the first day

  • 09:15. Much more than football. Sevilla University.
  • 11:30. Sports sponsorship. Sevilla University.
  • 12:30. The new communication: BRAND out of context. Sevilla University.
  • 13:30. The marathon magnet. Marqués de Contadero Tourism Office.
  • 16:00. The finishing touch to the 20th century. Marqués de Contadero Tourist Office
  • 16:00. The Quintana slate. Sevilla University.
  • 16:30. Coffee with Thebes. Cajasol Foundation.
  • 4:45 pm. Run with Abel Antón and Martín Fiz. Marqués de Contadero Tourist Office – La Cartuja Stadium.
  • five pm. Match 3 against 100. Luis del Sol Sports City.
  • five pm. Talent and science: an invincible alliance. Marqués de Contadero Tourism Office.
  • 17:45. A golden year. Cajasol Foundation.
  • 18:30. The perfect coexistence + basketlovers. Cajasol Foundation.
  • 18:30. Clinic of Joan Plaza. San Francisco Square.
  • 18:30. The Dux Gaming success story: from virtual to ‘traditional’. Marqués de Contadero Tourism Office.
  • 20:15. MARCA Sport Weekend Gala. Cartuja Stadium.

09:42. On stopping Robben in the world finals. “A lot of things are going through your head. I think Robben did not do what he had to do: haggle me, but at that moment, surely, he would also have a lot of things going through his head or what was I going to do… It’s complicated “.

09:40. Ignacio Gallardo asked Casillas about what other positions he liked. Iker replied, laughing that “I liked to play central defense, but always with the goal in mind. I always wanted to be a goalkeeper“.

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09:37. Can you teach yourself to be a goalkeeper? “Yes, it can be taught. It seems that, a long time ago, the one who was the baddest of all in the yard wanted to be a goalkeeper, but I think that now there are many people who want to be. I don’t know if it has to do with the irruption that I, or Víctor Valdés, or Pepe Reina, among others, had. Many young talents began to emerge in Spain, “explained the former Real Madrid goalkeeper.”But we currently need more great goalkeepers. Excluding a few teams, in most big clubs, the starting goalkeeper is not Spanish.“he added shortly before speaking about his goalkeeping school in Dubai.

09.36. The conditions of then and now. “Things have changed a lot. For example, when I was little, there was no artificial grass. We played on dirt or style pitches. I think it’s good that the fields have improved and everything is improving. Better resources, better athletes. “

09:30. The ‘startups’: “We created Sportboost to help those entrepreneurs who do not have advanced resources to start. It is a bit of going after it until you see that it can take care of itself. We analyze, we search … and if we see that it is good idea, we help “.

09:27. The Selection of Luis Enrique: “I think the Luis Enrique National Team is on a good path. There are phases in which we have to renew the team. I think the only thing missing is filming, but they still have a year to prepare for the World Cup“.

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09:25. Dreams come true: “When I saw Karembeu [presente en la conferencia]For example, I thought that I too wanted to lift a World Cup. “

09:20. Iker: “There are many colleagues who have concerns related to football, which is great. I had, above all, business concerns. I think it started to emerge when I left Real Madrid. “On the question of whether he thought about being a coach or not, the former goalkeeper is clear:”I knew I didn’t want to be a coach“. About Xavi, he commented that”you could see that he was going to be a coach“.

09:18. How is life after football? Iker: “When you are at an age where you already know that you don’t have much time left, it is important to have a parallel line on what you want to do.”

Iker Casillas and Juan Ignacio Gallardo during the MARCA Sport Weekend.

09:15. Much more than football begins, with Iker Casillas and Juan Ignacio Gallardo, director of MARCA!

09:00. The round table with Iker Casillas begins right away! During this, the former goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Soccer Team, world champion in 2010 in South Africa, will chat with Juan Ignacio Gallardo, MARCA director, about his latest concerns, what his life is like after retirement, etc. in an act that will serve as the ribbon cutting of the MARCA Sport Weekend.

Hello, very good morning everyone! Today, starting at 09:15 in the morning, the third edition of MARCA Sport Weekend will take place. Thus, for the next 3 days, Seville will become the world epicenter of sport in a weekend that will bring together some of the biggest stars in the world. Through a very complete program, athletes and communication specialists, during November 12, 13 and 14, will meet and offer a program full of management, talks, lectures, etc. of the highest level. And as it happened in previous years, in addition to offering you the live signal, we will also tell you, first-hand, everything that happens, minute by minute, from right here.

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