Monday, December 6

GTA Trilogy for PC is no longer available for purchase; dataminers find code from the originals

Rockstar has retired Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition from the sale on PC. This version was released exclusively on the Rockstar Games Launcher on the same date as the console versions, but it suffers from several problems – added to those of a bad remastering. At this time it cannot be purchased on the official website and the Rockstar Games Launcher remains offline. On consoles it is still available for purchase.

A few hours ago Rockstar announced that the Rockstar Games Launcher services and supported games will remain offline “for maintenance” without a specific date except that they will return when these operations are completed. “We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work to restore the Rockstar Games Launcher services,” the Twitter account said. At the moment, PC users are still unable to play it.

The dataminers found sensitive information in your code

Rockstar hasn’t given many details about the decision or maintenance, but is suspected to be related to the information that the dataminers have found among their files, among which will be found music that is no longer licensed and uncompiled code which includes developer feedback. A Twitter user assures that all the music removed from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for licensing reasons it is still present although the game simply chooses not to reproduce them.

“The chosen audio format of the Definitive Editions is OGG-VORBIS. More interesting is that San Andreas includes all trimmed music. It is only disabled by a script. ” Vice City Some songs are missing, like those of Michael Jackson, but in others the same thing happens again as in San Andreas: they do appear even if they do not sound. “The radios have been divided into key points to allow the tracks to play according to the track number or not. For example, all Flash FM is here except track 03, Billie Jean -s, including Running With the Night– “says the dataminer.

More serious is the uncompiled information it has found Vadim M and what defines as the “holy grail” for fans interested in modifying games completely and easilyas it includes content removed from the originals and annotations from the original Rockstar North development. Obviously this code should not be made public and more with the secrecy that always accompanies Rockstar products. This setback will likely further delay the relaunch of the game on PC.

On consoles the remastered collection can be purchased normally but errors with modeling, textures and performance suggest that the launch was too early and the game was not ready to go in these conditions. Rockstar is expected to announce a plan for updates or patches to correct the most serious bugs of these three classics.

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