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Fun video game options that mix action and adventure in the Wild West • Console and Board

In online casinos one of the best gambling opportunities is the legendary blackjack. Live an intense experience betting on black jack in real and show your skills with this famous card game. Not in vain this game has remained one of the most enigmatic and favorite games of our era.

According to the chronicles, blackjack, which was originally Vingt-et-Un, or 21, acquired its new name in the famous arcades of the Wild West. Spread by the French settlers, this game was planted along the entire Mississippi River and became one of the most popular forms of leisure recreation of the time.

Every representation of the Wild West includes blackjack

It is not surprising that in the so-called Western movies, also known in other regions as cowboy movies, blackjack represented the Wild West lifestyle. But not only the seventh art has given this symbolic character to this parlor game, it also has that category in the world of video games.

This is the case of the video game Red Dead Redemption, set in the American West, it has blackjack as a fun element as part of its secondary missions. The presence of game rooms provides this video game with that characteristic element of the activities and way of life of the Old West. Other famous titles have also used casinos and blackjack as elements of interest in side missions.

The Red Dead series in its versions of Redemption 1 and 2 games and the most current one called Red Dead Online, is undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular action and adventure video game series, as well as critically acclaimed. Its publisher was the famous Rockstar Games company.

An open world of the American western experience

The game is set in wide and open scenarios that emulate the region of the North American west and part of the north of Mexico. The central axis of its story takes place in 1911 and focuses on the story of its protagonist John Marston, a former outlaw.

Throughout the game, the gamer experiences the experience of exploring the rough landscapes that characterized this region, as well as visiting large cities and traveling through various landscapes. It reflects the contradictions of the early twentieth century, when the existence of cowboys was nearing its end as a result of technological and cultural advances that arose in the world.

However, the subsistence of cowboys and outlaws was never easy, not even in the days when American society was taking accelerated steps in the matter of automation. It is no wonder that in such a difficult and threatening environment the inhabitants of the Wild West were so assiduous to the salons, to take a break and relax with a glass of liquor and a few hands at the board games.

“Saloon” en Red Dead Redemption 2

Based on that lifestyle Rockstar Games offers the possibility of generating a pause and disconnecting the confrontations with gangs of outlaws or law enforcement officers, riding horses, chasing bounty hunters or robbing stagecoaches. So, putting weapons relatively aside, it is possible to enjoy various table games such as blackjack, poker, dominoes, and knife.

In fact, in Red Dead Redemption 2 the player can access any Saloon, such as the Rhodes located at the southern end of the city. Also centrally located are the Black Water Lounge and the Van Horn Trading Post. Another place where mini-games can appear is in the camp, so this is a place where you have to be vigilant.

An additional element to consider is that, as in the reality of the Wild West, tables are not always available in the classrooms. So it is very likely that on more than one occasion it is necessary to go to the hotel and let time pass, waiting for your turn until a place is released.

Play blackjack like in online casinos

The rules of blackjack in Red Dead Redemption are the classic ones: get a score as close to 21 without exceeding this figure. The best hand is an Ace, a figure. The Ace has the possibility of being worth 11 or 1, the players only play against the dealer, among others that regulate the game.

It is not by chance that in Red Dead Redemption you can play blackjack, it was the entertainment guideline because it is an exciting game of chance loaded with strategy and fascination. Today this legendary game is available to everyone in online casinos, even live and direct with a real dealer.

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