Sunday, December 5

Forza Horizon 5 steps on the gas and surpasses 6 million players

Forza Horizon 5 is unstoppable. More than 6 million players are already enjoying great races in the great recreation of Mexico that offers us the new driving title of Playground Games, which has become the best debut for an Xbox Game Studios game. At its launch, the new installment of the Forza Horizon saga managed to reach a surprising number of 3 million players, one that was increased the next day with 4.5 million and that, according to what I have revealed. Aaron Greenberg, has once again been surpassed with more than 6 million players.

“All of you are amazing. Not only have we set the biggest Xbox Game Studios launch record ever, we have we now have more than 6 million players and continue to grow, still in our launch week, “Greenberg, Xbox Marketing Director, shared enthusiastically. Importantly, the game is available from launch on Game Pass, so we imagine many players will be leveraging their subscriptions to try out. what’s new from Playground Games without having to purchase the physical or digital version.

A title aimed at creating healthy and friendly communities

“Those who play the saga for the first time with this installment, whether they are fans of driving games or simply want an adventure in which to explore a diverse and interesting world, they will be surprised, and probably fall in love with the series. There will be many others for whom the Horizon Festival of Mexico is not the first, and for them it seems like one more of the same with news and improvements that do not revolutionize what is already known “, we concluded in our analysis. If you have had the opportunity to play Forza Horizon 5 You are probably surprised that it has many players on the same server, a decision aimed at creating very friendly and welcoming communities between players.

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