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Fortnite: Dark Phoenix Skin (Jean Gray) Now Available – Prices and Details

Fortnite Battle Royale just received for your current Season 8: Cubic a new special skin based on a beloved character from the Marvel comics: the same Dark Phoenix, the cosmic force of the character of Jean Grey after having transcended on a rescue mission.

This character, who became known to the world through the comic books of los X-Men, is now available in the item store on any of the Epic Games video game platforms. Next here we tell you all details, prices and accessories that are included of this aspect.

How to get the Dark Phoenix skin in Fortnite? – Prices and contents

I represent fire and life! Now and forever, I am Phoenix!

The Dark Phoenix skin and its different cosmetics are available in the Fortnite item store from Friday, November 12 from 2021 at 01:00 CEST. We can find the Dark Phoenix set in the “Featured” section of the store and you can acquire in exchange for turkey in the object store of absolutely all platforms of the video game.

This is the Dark Phoenix set (Jean Gray), its accessories in Fortnite and all its prices:

  • Dark Phoenix skin and Phoenix Force backpack: for 1,500 V-Bucks; also includes the Wrath of the Phoenix loading screen.
  • Phoenix’s Awakening Gesture: for 300 V-Bucks.

We do not know how long they will be for sale this skin and its accessories, but as always, if you want it, we recommend you get it as soon as it is available so as not to miss it. In addition, we point out that this suit and its objects are only static and do not provide any playable advantage in Fortnite game modes.

Remember you can visit our complete guide to know the best tips and tricks and overcome all the challenges of the season with ease. Fortnite is a Battle Royale that is free for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X y Nintendo Switch and devices Android, you can read our review.

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