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FIFA 22: 7 tips for Volta Football mode

The Volta mode in FIFA 22 is one of the funniest modes in the game. These tips will help FIFA players to conquer the mode easily.

FIFA 22 has finally been released, sending fans of the popular sports franchise into a frenzy as they launch into this title and discover the best way to optimize their gaming strategy, make the best Ultimate Team, and everything else along the same lines. If these games weren’t addictive enough as they are, then FIFA 22 It also sports a Volta mode that emulates the success of the popular FIFA Street games that people loved.

Playing street soccer with some of the sport’s greatest icons is extremely addictive, and the gameplay is a breath of fresh air from the usual grandiose. FIFA game that everyone is already familiar with. People wishing to master the Volta mode would do well to keep the following points in mind to enhance their experience in this mode.

Keep the shots grounded

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to Volta mode is that the target is not as big as the player might assume. This makes it important to manage the power of the shots so that players take them to the realm to no avail.

This is especially true in game modes with only two or three players per team, as the goal is nothing more than a small opening where only grounded balls can enter. This makes it important to maintain ground shots at all times so that the chances of them becoming a goal are greater.

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Intercept as many passes as possible

Given the small playing area of ​​most Volta games, it’s just a fact that most players would want to dribble and make short, concise passes to knock down opponents. This is where players should take advantage and try to intercept as many passes as possible.

Quickly catching the ball is a beneficial situation in any soccer game, but this is especially imperative in Volta mode. By quickly switching possession in favor of the player, he can take his opponent by surprise and unleash a deadly counterattack with deadly results!

Balloon passes so they are not intercepted

Of course, players are not the only person who can intercept the opponent’s pass and leave them in a bind. The same can happen to the player, leading him to frantically defend at any moment to avoid conceding a cheap and frustrating goal.

The best solution to avoid this problem would be to deny the possibility of your passes being intercepted. As long as the players of both players are at opposite ends of the playing area, they must throw and throw their passes so that they are not caught by a wayward foot planted by the opponent.

Try to keep the grand finishers on the team

While there is no denying the fact that defense is one of the crucial aspects of Volta, keep in mind that Volta modes are generally very high-scoring games in which most people would want to make their offense as efficient as possible. possible. That’s why players need great finishers on their team who can convert most chances with ease.

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As a result, taking large teams with astonishing attacks allows players to enjoy a huge advantage. While it’s not the worst thing in the world to keep a defender on the team as well, reserve this decision only when playing with three or more players on each team.

Learning and using skills efficiently is very helpful

Using skills in FIFA is a great way to tackle opposing players with one player rather than having to check to find another opening. However, skills are not easy to achieve and players must spend a lot of time memorizing these skills to be able to rely on them in a game.

Learning these skill moves can be very beneficial when it comes to ensuring victory in a normal soccer game, but is even more useful in Volta mode. Using these skills when the opponent least expects it will almost certainly guarantee an opening for a goal.

Teamwork is the key to victory

This applies to almost all games of FIFABut teamwork is especially important at Volta. Unless the player is a master at dribbling, it can be really difficult to use a single player to break through defensive lines and score a goal in this mode.

This makes it important to get the most out of the other players on the team and to sync their passes so they can create more openings. Apart from this, keeping the team’s form intact is also essential to filter as few goals as possible.

Of course, the Volta mode would be incomplete without some unique moves that can only be performed in a street soccer game. This is where the walls covering the playing area come into effect.

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Without any off-limits settings in the game, unless activated by the player, that is, using the walls around the map to the player’s benefit is a must. By making the most of this playing area, players will ensure that their movements are smooth, silky… and elegant too.

FIFA 22 was released on September 26, 2021 and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S.

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