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Deadpool 3: 9 comic stories the sequel should come from

With the third Deadpools movie currently in the works, this is what comic book fans might be eager to see appear on screen.

dead Pool has long been a beloved, though not universally known, character in Marvel Comics. However, his popularity got a big boost when he got his solo movie in 2016. Played by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool took the world by storm and became everyone’s new favorite antihero. Thanks to the success of the film, a sequel was produced two years later, and Deadpool is far from over.

The third film is currently in the works, although it is unclear when it will be released or what exactly it will be about. There are plenty of comic book stories the third Deadpool could use, and the following would be particularly great to watch on the big screen.

Deadpool has a daughter

The MCU often works with the theme of absent or bad parents, such as Howard Stark or the late Janet van Dyne. However, it would be interesting to see the reverse of this, and how Deadpool would go about taking care of his daughter.

Although she doesn’t live with Deadpool in the comics, as it would be too dangerous for her, Deadpool still goes to great lengths to make sure his daughter Eleanor is safe. Not only would this allow the opportunity to see Deadpool interact with children (which the previous movies did not offer), but it would add an extra dimension to his character.

Deadpool fights the zombies

Deadpool has never been one to run away from challenges. He faced many opponents in the comics, but among the most notable are the zombie American presidents. Deadpool has to face and kill them, which he does not hesitate to do.

Zombie movies are very popular with audiences, and it would be fun to watch Deadpool deal with these creatures. This story could even serve to teach viewers a bit about former American presidents, and do it in a fun, action-packed way.

Deadpool and Spider-Man become allies (or friends)

Seeing Deadpool interact with Spider-Man on the big screen is a dream come true for many comic book fans. In the source material, these two often work together. Spider-Man isn’t that excited about Deadpool, but he’s one of the few people who tolerates him, and maybe even likes him.

As for Deadpool, he likes Spider-Man and even flirts with him from time to time. The movie would probably cut down on the flirtation considering Spider-Man’s age in the MCU; However, the movie could still explore the idea of ​​Spidey and Deadpool as a duo who likes to joke around while dealing with their enemies.

Deadpool marries a vampire queen

Deadpool had a relationship with Vanessa in the first movie, but lost it in the second. Meanwhile, his third solo story could see him find a new love in the form of Shiklah. The beautiful and ambitious Shiklah becomes a vampire queen after Deadpool helps her deal with her unwanted fiancé, Dracula.

Their relationship has its ups and downs, but in the comics it ends with a wedding. It would be interesting to see new supernatural creatures introduced to the MCU, especially with the solo movie of the living vampire Michael Morbius slated to release soon.

Deadpool’s pansexuality

While the previous two films made some references to him, the films never adequately addressed the fact that Deadpool is pansexual in the comics. She has multiple relationships with women (like Black Widow, to name just one), but she likes men equally, as well as almost everyone who fits her taste.

Including this aspect of the Deadpool character would add more realism to the superhero universe. Today, it continues to favor heterosexual relationships and could use more LGBT + representation to reflect what the world is really like.

Deadpool and Deadpool

There have been multiple versions of Deadpool in the comics. One of the most intriguing is Headpool, a zombie head from Deadpool. Bringing Headpool and Deadpool together could be fun, especially if the creators connect it to the story about the American zombie presidents.

Another interesting version of Deadpool is the Deadpool dinosaur, a T-Rex who has the powers of Deadpool. Considering the widespread love for both Deadpool and dinosaurs, a Deadpool dinosaur would be like a dream come true for many fans.

Rogue and Deadpool

If the movies want to give Deadpool a new girlfriend, there are plenty of opportunities besides Shiklah. For example, creators could take this opportunity to reboot Rogue in the MCU. This powerful mutant first became friends with Deadpool and later returned his long-standing romantic feelings.

Even though they did not ultimately last, they were still a couple of great power, and watching them team up would be intriguing. The two have more in common than one might think, like their less brilliant past.

Deadpool travels through time

Time travel in the MCU isn’t new, as the Avengers used it to defeat Thanos and reverse the Snap. However, Deadpool’s time travel would be very different. Deadpool did not handle things well during his journey through time, and he brought dinosaurs from his journey.

Again, not only would this generate a lot of action and fun sequences, but it could create a bridge between two great stories: this one and the one about the Deadpool dinosaur. Even three stories could come together, as Deadpool joins Spider-Man in this story!

Lady Deadpool

Finally, if the third Deadpool movie wants to pull “a Loki,” they could bring in a female version of Deadpool, known as Lady Deadpool. Knowing Deadpool, he would probably fall in love with Lady Deadpool and try to win her over, but she would be less than impressed.

One Deadpool is pretty fun, but two would be even more fun, especially if they ended up competing which one is better. Crazy antics are sure to ensue.

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