Sunday, December 5

Classics like Max Payne or Red Dead Revolver could receive backward compatibility on Xbox

Several classic video games have reappeared in the digital store of the first Xbox; works like Max Payne O Red Dead Devolver, which were no longer available in this marketplace, they have returned this week, which gives rise to think that their backward compatibility on modern systems i.e. Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, and even Xbox 360.

Has been Bruno Costa from XboxEra, who has noticed the presence of these classic titles in the old Xbox digital store. The list includes the following video games:

They have all been republished in the marketplace from Xbox with current date. Soon after, it was also discovered that many of them even reflected a sale price, except for the Star Wars: most cost $ 14.99 (which will remain in a range similar to the change to euros in the Spanish store), while others such as Oddworld: Munch’s Odyssee or the first Dead or Alive They are priced at $ 9.99. After appearing in the web, Other users have realized that the games They are also available in the Xbox 360 Store integrated into the console, although it is only known that they can be purchased and it is unknown if they are already downloadable.

Possible announcement at Xbox 20th anniversary event?

The reappearance of these games in the Xbox store could indicate that they will soon be backward compatible on modern consoles, something that the company could announce in the 20th anniversary event to celebrate the Monday, November 15 at 8:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), a broadcast of which it has already been warned that it will not have announcements of new video games, but that it could perfectly host the presentation of new retrocompatible titles.

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