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Bitcoin profits in El Salvador allow construction of a veterinary hospital | LevelUp

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Although the decision of the government of El Salvador to approve Bitcoin as the official currency – which is based on an entire investment strategy and management of the cryptocurrency by the State and with facilities for use by citizens – was controversial, It has already brought an unexpected benefit for some life partners.

Bitcoin brought benefits for an unexpected sector

Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, revealed a few weeks ago that derived from the increase in the price of Bitcoin and after an accounting review of the trust that protects the operations with the cryptocurrency, a surplus of $ 4 million was generated, which could be used for a public project. With the news confirmed, the president of the Central American nation reported that this money was used to create the first public veterinary hospital in El Salvador, which will provide all kinds of services for the care and care of pets.

The Salvadoran government’s decision divided opinions. On the one hand, those who considered it appropriate to face the reality of pets, but also of street animals, while others took the opportunity to criticize the initiative and point out some deficiencies with the application and user accounts for citizens who they use Bitcoin.

El Salvador’s adventure with Bitcoin continues forward and in addition to this veterinary hospital, it is recalled that another of the projects is a cryptocurrency mining farm that will work with thermal energy.

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