Wednesday, December 7

An ‘app’ shows 50 traditional Galician games to revitalize their use

From left to right, Barreiro, Rosario Álvarez, Paco Veiga and Manuel Gago, yesterday. | // CONSELLO DA CULTURA GALEGA

Learning to play traditional Galician games such as zonadeira, fungona, chave or cadeira de raíña as well as discovering others that we did not even know has been easier since yesterday. A free app, also available on the web, has been presented by its promoters, the Consello da Cultura Galega and the Observatorio do Patrimonio Lúdico.

The mobile application shows, with illustrations, the rules to enter or improve in some 50 Galician games, a figure that will increase every year. The goal is to revitalize their use.

The app was presented yesterday by the President of the Council, Rosario Álvarez; the technical coordinator, Manuel Gago; and two representatives of the different entities of the Observatory, Paco Veiga and Xosé Manuel Barreiro.

In this act, in addition, Manolo Charrancas, from the Asociación Galega do Xogo Popular e Tradicional, launched “the smallest pawn in the world,” according to the Council.

To make the application more attractive, illustrations by Nuria Díaz, a graduate in Fine Arts, have been included, halfway between the traditional and the digital.

The five dozen games are classified by age, by objectives and by types of games for the smallest of the house. In some cases, videos are also incorporated to make it easier to understand them.

Three examples of traditional games in the app

A Cocha game. Council of Culture

Porca, cocha

It uses practically the same elements of hockey or golf. You need a club (porca) that must hit a ball.

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Turnip cart Council of Culture

Turnip cart

In ancient times, a turnip or beet was tied to a string for the child to pull. Today they can be replaced by a car.

Balls, bugles Council of Culture

Balls, bugles

A mother circle of about 30 centimeters in diameter is drawn. Inside a line of balls is formed and around it another circle is made.

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