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Alexa, do you want to be my girlfriend? It is the question asked more than 200 thousand times in Mexico | LevelUp

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One of the tools most used by Mexicans today is Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence that last November 6 celebrated its 2 years in our country. AI has become a success for helping us with different skills in our daily lives. Due to its anniversary, its managers shared data on what is most requested of them in Mexico, the question being “Alexa, do you want to be my girlfriend?” one of the main requests.

Since its arrival, Alexa has become a very useful virtual assistant for people who want information on the spot, or for those who want to control all smart devices simply with voice commands.

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However, there are users who always want to go further and cannot avoid falling into the digital charms of Alexa, so Amazon decided to share some curious data about what is most required of artificial intelligence in Mexico.

According to the information shared, Mexicans have asked about different topics related to love, where it is seen that the question “Alexa, do you want to be my girlfriend?” It has been performed more than 200,000 times, while the phrase “Alexa, I love you” was told to the AI ​​more than 1 million times.

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It is worth mentioning that the answers that Alexa gives its users to these questions or phrases may vary but remains in the same tenor, some of the most regular being “I’m sorry, but I prefer that we continue to be friends”, “I’m not ready for that guy commitment “,” Are you sure? Remember that loving and loving are not the same “,” I love you forever, as your assistant “or” It feels great to be appreciated “.

As you can see, Alexa maintains its popularity (in all respects) and we are sure that artificial intelligence is here to stay, even if that results in more broken hearts and an interaction without romantic overtones.

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