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Will be? Subject claims a card signed by Miyamoto was stolen in 1989 | LevelUp

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Video games are living their moment of greatest popularity but that does not mean that all people know about them or about the most important figures in the history of gaming. However, currently not knowing who Shigeru Miyamoto is could be counterproductive and the proof would be in the confirmation of a case of theft (or loss) of a card that belonged to a subject who was not aware of video games.

A chance encounter with the genius of Nintendo

According to information from Nintendo Life, retired musician Tony LeCroix revealed to the site that he was the holder of a business card signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, which is now missing after he gave it to an alleged auction house that “lost” it. According to LeCroix’s testimony, Miyamoto gave him that card after a pleasant talk they had in a bar in Japan.

The retired musician’s testimony refers to the following: “I was in the music business, and in 1989 I was working for a country band. We played at a festival in Japan and the promoter owned a bar called Good Time Charlie’s; his name was Charlie Nagatani. After the concert, he invited us to the bar and upon arrival, he introduced me to his friend, who could only speak basic English, but enough to communicate. We stayed there and talked about music. He was very interested in the stringed instruments that I looked after, like guitars and mandolins. We finished talking about music over a few beers. At the end of the night, when it was time to leave, he asked for my autograph, jokingly , I told him that I would give it to him if he gave me his. When I took out my business card and signed it, he did the same. I realized that after signing his name, he drew a little character. o I know about video games and not I had an idea who the little one was type of drawing. A long time later, I saw someone playing a game and I recognized the character. It was Mario! “

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The alleged card signed by Miyamoto – Image – Nintendo Life

The auction house said they “lost” the card signed by Miyamoto

32 years after this meeting, Tony LeCroix carried out an investigation on the Internet to find out who this Shigeru Miyamoto was who had signed the card and discovered that he was one of the great creatives of the video game industry.

For better or for worse, the musician decided that instead of giving an emotional value to the card, he would give it in monetary value and, realizing that such an object could be worth a lot, he looked for an auction house to help him obtain money. . However, things did not go well because after giving the card to a “representative” of the auction house, he received a call where they told him that the object had been lost.

Assuming that he will not get the card back, LeCroix stated: “I really think the card was stolen from me and it will probably show up again in the future. I honestly doubt that I will ever get it back, but I would like to spread the word to the gaming community about the real story, about how I got it and how it was taken from me.

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