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What scares Bowser the most? Enthusiasts reveal it | LevelUp

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Bowser, the enemy of Super Mario, has always been a character that fires fierceness and monstrosity, all to kidnap Peach and cause as much damage as possible to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, behind that terrifying image are certain fears that he has been able to hide very well, well, until someone realized it after his appearance in Super Mario Odyssey.

Bowser is also scared, no matter how tough and tough he looks

Although the final product in each delivery of Super Mario Bros. It gives an account of 2D or 3D platforms, challenges, colors, design and many hours of fun, each character has a lore that places them in some way in the history of the game. Recently, the Twitter account Supper Mario Broth, dedicated to revealing all kinds of details about the Nintendo franchise, shared information that not many knew and that confirms Bowser’s fears.

According to enthusiasts of Super Mario Bros., during the end of Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser has a specific dialogue to point out that something scares him and that it is activated according to the suit that the plumber is wearing at the time.

According to this analysis, Bowser is afraid of Mario when he wears the zombie suit, the skeleton, the clown suit, the gold one, the beach suit and in its 8-bit version, that is, with pixels. Taking that into account, these would be the 6 things that Bowser is afraid of, although the one in the beach suit stands out, because perhaps he is terrified of seeing Mario without his plumber’s uniform and showing more skin than usual.

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