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What is the best telephoto lens for iPhone and when should you use it?

Have you ever tried using your iPhone to take a photo of something, but it just wasn’t close enough? Your subject may appear too small or get lost in the hustle and bustle of everything else in the frame. Those cases are when you need a telephoto lens the most.

A telephoto lens will allow you to capture a closer or enlarged image without being grainy or blurry. But before you run out and try to take photos from a distance with your iPhone, you should know that not all iPhones have telephoto lenses. If this is all new to you, don’t worry. This article will answer all your questions about the iPhone telephoto lens. You’ll also read tips on when to use your telephoto lens, and learn about some of the best clip-on lenses you can get if your iPhone doesn’t have one.

Using the iPhone’s built-in telephoto lens

All iPhone cameras will allow you to zoom in on your photos. But on some models, it’s just a digital zoom, which means you take what your camera is viewing and just scale the image size to make it appear as if it’s zoomed in. A telephoto lens gives you a really close-up image because you are using a completely different lens. This means that your image will be sharper and more focused.

What iPhones have a telephoto lens?

If you are trying to find out if the iPhone you have or are thinking of buying has a telephoto lens, look no further. Here is a list of the models that have that zoom lens:

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS y iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro y Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro y Pro Max

What do different iPhone lenses do?

Each iPhone camera lens is designed to have a different focal length. In other words, you can zoom in or out, depending on the lens, without having to physically move. The default lens is wide angle. Some iPhones have an ultra-wide lens, which will capture an image twice as wide as the default wide angle. In comparison, others have the telephoto lens, which will capture the subject twice as close.

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What can you shoot with the telephoto lens?

The short answer is whatever you want! But you are more likely to use the telephoto when shooting something small or far away. The zoom lens will make your subject look bigger and take up more of the frame.

When to use the telephoto lens on your iPhone

The best times to use your telephoto lens are when you’re trying to capture something from a distance or something up close, like a portrait. Speaking of which, Portrait mode makes great use of the telephoto lens. Additional background blur helps draw attention to your subject, and the telephoto lens captures striking detail that will keep your images visually interesting.

Other scenarios where you probably want to go telephoto include when you’re away from something. Concerts, sports, or even landmarks can look a bit better when using the telephoto lens.

Top 5 Clip-on iPhone Lenses

Now if you’ve made it this far, you might be thinking, “Telephoto lenses sound great, but what do I do if my iPhone doesn’t have one?” Well, the good news is that there are several accessories that you can buy to add a telephoto lens to your iPhone.

While it may not be built into your iPhone, a clip-on lens can capture some amazing images just by sliding it over your iPhone’s camera. And depending on the glass in the lens, a clip-on one might take a better image than the built-in one.

Here is a list of the best telephoto lenses for iPhone.

1. Moment telephoto lens – 58mm

Moment is a company that has been making excellent phone lenses for many years. They use high-quality glass, so your images will always be sharp and impressive. The downside is that they clip directly onto your phone or onto a case. Just buy a Moment case and attach the lens to it. The good thing is, since it plugs into the case, when a new iPhone comes out, your lens will still work (as long as you buy a case for your new phone).

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Moment Tele Lens in Amazon

2. Sirui portrait lens

If you’re looking for a true clip-on lens, you won’t want to pass up the Sirui portrait lens. Just place it on the edge of your iPhone, placing it over the camera, and that’s it. It has a 60mm focal length so it’s a bit closer than the Moment lens. While it’s not much closer than the built-in wide-angle lens, the glass in this lens is of incredible quality. You get sharp images without vignetting or dark around the edges.

Sirui Portrait Lens at Amazon

3. Teleobjetivo Apexel High Power 36x HD

The Apexel High Power 36X HD telephoto lens is designed for iPhone photographers who want to get up close and personal with their subjects. This lens has an impressive 36x focal length, while the iPhone 12’s built-in telephoto lens is only twice the wide angle.

There are a couple of drawbacks. The first is how heavy and cumbersome this lens is to use. That is why it comes with a mini tripod. The other factor to consider is that images can be difficult to focus on. Because it can get so close, any slight movement will blur the entire image.

Lente telefoto Apexel High Power 36X HD en Amazon

4. Sevenka 6-in-1 lens kit

If you’re not ready to spend a lot of cash on a lens for your iPhone, check out this kit from Sevenka. There are 6 lenses, including an 18x telephoto lens. It’s obviously not quite as spectacular as the Apexel lens featured on this list, but it’s a good in-between option.

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The full kit usually costs around $ 50, but be prepared for the image quality you get for that price. And while you won’t get a better image than other lenses, it’s still a great way to dive into using different lenses for your iPhone photography.

Sevenka 6-in-1 Lens Kit at Amazon

5. Xenvo Pro lens kit

Another cheaper lens comes with the Xenvo Pro lens kit. This one just clips onto your camera, and the lenses are very light and easy to carry, similar to the first two on the list, but at a similar price to the Sevenka kit. . Telephoto image quality is good, but nowhere near the best on this list. That said, if you’re looking for a cheaper lens to dabble in iPhone photography that’s also lightweight, look no further.

Xenvo Pro lens kit on Amazon

Whether you have a telephoto lens built into your iPhone or not, there are a ton of great options for you. You can choose to zoom practically as far as humanly possible, or you can stick with something a bit more nimble and lightweight. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll be more inclined to try a clip-on lens or at the very least start taking pictures with your telephoto lens, especially portraits!

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