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This is the Spider-Man from Marvel’s Avengers: First look with trailer and images

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics recently announced that the expected arrival of Spider-Man to the character template of Marvel’s Avengers It will take place on November 30 exclusively for PS5 and PS4, but at that time neither video nor images of Marvel’s wall-crawler were shown in this new version for the game as a service published last year. Now IGN has released the first Spider-Man footage in Marvel’s Avengers, which consists of a cinematic thriller in which we see Peter Parker collaborating with the rest of the Avengers.

Being a cutscene we still don’t know what exactly the gameplay of Spider-Man will be like in Marvel’s Avengers, but we can imagine that it will have a nimble combat style focused on stunts and their iconic spider webs, how could it be otherwise. In the official information published so far, it has been hinted that Peter Parker’s story arc in this video game is related to his transformation from a lonely hero to a member of The Avengers, something of which clues are given in this first trailer available below:

Available November 30 for free on PS5 and PS4

Spider-Man be available at Marvel’s Avengers on November 30, although it will be exclusive to PS5 and PS4 players. The superhero be completely free for those who already have the game on these consoles. On the same day, with the arrival of update 2.2 of the Square Enix game, a Hero Event centered on Spider-Man will be held.

“Players will experience the story of Spider-Man through unlockable challenges woven throughout the Avengers Initiative,” Square Enix recently explained. “Peter Parker learns of a deadly new threat and must team up with The Avengers to prevent AIM from acquiring technology that could make its synthetic army unstoppable. While insisting on keeping his identity hidden, Parker strikes up a friendship with Ms. Marvel y Black Widow and you must strive with the new dynamics of teamwork. Will he join the Avengers full-time or will he remain independent in his fight against AIM? “

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Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. You can read our analysis here and take a look at our guide here. Below these lines you can see a galley with the first images of Spider-Man in this game.

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