Wednesday, December 7

The Xbox app on PC will be updated to facilitate the installation of mods

Xbox has published a new video on his official YouTube channel focused on New Features Coming to the Xbox App on PC coming soon. Megan Spurr, Xbox Game Pass communications manager, and Jason Beaumont, co-director of experiences at the company, have anticipated that the launcher for Xbox desktop will be updated with news that will facilitate the modification of the internal files of the games that we install through the platform. Basically, in future versions of the application we can choose the games installation folder, giving more freedom to file modification.

This is currently a test feature on the Xbox Insider program.

Currently the Xbox app on PC installs games in special folders restricted to users, who cannot freely modify or move their internal files. For practical purposes, this means that it is very inaccessible to install mods in games that are traditionally compatible with them, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim O Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Xbox has listened to the community and is going to change this in future updates that, in fact, members of the program Xbox Insider are already testing.

In that intention by facilitate the installation of mods, the Xbox application for Windows will also receive a new notice on its interface that point out which games are supported with fan creations, making their modification more intuitive. “With great PC games like Back 4 Blood, Age of Empires IV, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite Coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch, we wanted to give players more options to personalize their experience on the Xbox app, “explains Jason Beaumont at The Verge.

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From Xbox they assure that will continue working on implementing new features like this to the PC application making it more and more comfortable to be able to play on the computer through this client. In fact, one of the latest updates to the Xbox app brought with it the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud game, which no longer requires browser access.

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