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The King of Fighters XV shows Whip’s skills | LevelUp

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The SNK studio keeps the excitement of all the fans waiting The King of Fighters XV and continues to teach everything the fighting title will offer. More and more members of his cast are known and now it was Whip’s turn, who shows us his skills on video.

There are still a couple of months for this new installment to be available, but its managers continue to announce all the fighters that you can use within the game.

It was through a new video that SNK has just confirmed the return of the Whip (or Seirah) character who first appeared in The King of Fighters ’99 as a member of the Ikari Warrior Team.

Here you can see it:

As his name implies, this character’s fighting style is based on the use of a whip, something that allows him to dominate each encounter from considerable distances to protect himself from his opponents.

It is worth mentioning that for now a large number of fighters are confirmed, including Dolores, Heidern, K ‘, Ash Kukri, Ash Crimson, Antonov, Athena Asamiya, King of Dinosaurs, Ramon, Vanessa, Luong, Blue Mary and Ralf Jones, among others. .

The King of Fighters VX It will arrive on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC on February 17.

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