Sunday, December 4

The Eternal Cylinder confirms its physical format for PS4 and Xbox One • Console and Board

Explore and evolve. They are two of the possibilities that it offers The Eternal Cylinder, proposed by ACE Team and Good Shepherd Entertainment. The main protagonist is the one who gives the game its name and is none other than a huge cylinder that destroys everything that is put in front of it.


In this title, we take control of a herd of adorable little creatures called Trebhums. They must face not only the cylinder, but multiple dangers in the form of hostile flora and fauna. The landscapes will not help much, since together with the puzzles, they will make us have a bit of a bad time at times.

Luckily, our Trebhumbs will be able to evolve to overcome obstacles more effectively. They will get hair, they will inflate to fly, they will be more robust or, simply, they will grow in every way.

The world in which it is set is full of creatures of all sizes, from small beings to huge titans. Everyone is afraid of the great burning cylinder, which makes no distinctions. In short, we are facing a game of environmental destruction in real time, with the fear that it entails.

At the moment, it can already be played on PC, through the Epic Games Store, on PS4 and on Xbox One. The physical format for these two consoles will be ready on November 19, thanks to Meridiem Games. He will bring a small survivor manual with him.

The Eternal Cylinder

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