Wednesday, December 7

Tencent acquires Soleil, creators of Ninjala and collaborators in Travis Strikes Again

Tencent Holdings Ltd. has acquired 90% of Wake Up Interactive Ltd. for about 40 million euros as part of its expansion, according to reports. Bloomberg. The name may not be well known but it is the owner of Soleil Ltd., which has developed several hits for Nintendo Switch What Ninjala and collaborated in the creation of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, in addition to working on Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker. Acquiring almost the entire company is an unusual move by Tencent in Japan, recalls the article, that until now they had made small investments always aimed at ensuring the edition of future projects.

“The Wake Up purchase, which took place in September, is one of many deals Tencent has struck with private developers in Japan this year. Soleil is known for producing high quality action games for consoles, PC and mobile, which is part of Tencent’s motivation to get closer to its owner company, “according to Bloomberg.

Tencent’s tentacles

The Chinese tech giant recently became the majority shareholder of Bloober Team, creators of The Medium. This was one of his latest moves in the company’s long list of investments. Splash Damage for example advertised a science fiction game; the equipment was acquired when Tencent bought Leyou Technologies and its studios – also Digital Extremes, Certain Affinity and more.

After his successes in mobiles, Honor of Kings prepares to make the leap to more powerful systems with Honor of Kings: World, an ambitious action RPG with the story of science fiction writer Liu Cixin, known for The three-body problem. Arena of Valor, the original, is the first game to reach 100 million active users worldwide and year after year it ranks among the top-grossing games, so it seems obvious that Tencent wants to bring its potential to other types of systems more popular in the West.

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